Friday, October 26, 2012

The Runs...

...sorry.  I had to tell you all that I have gone on MULTIPLE RUNS!

Mostly motivated by the factor that I signed up for another 5K on Thanksgiving morning.

I informed my good friend I will not be going to the hometown for Thanksgiving and therefore cannot drink with her the night before.  She was not having it!  We both live in the same Midwest city and she said that we will just stay here and drink the night before "and good luck with that 5K the next day". haha she cracks me up but I know she is going to take me drinking for sure!

I remember the first time I ran on purpose and after not running for a couple of months, the first run kind of scared me!  I went to a nearby park/community center that has a wonderful set of trails.  I prefer trails through woods.  If I'm breathing hard, no one has to see/hear me! haha.  I didn't get past week 1 of C25K when I tried, but I adored the idea of a 5 minute warm up walk.  I actually walked for 6 minutes because there were a lot of people around before the trail split off :) I told myself to just run (actually I do more of a jog!) as long as I could without stopping.  I expected to feel my lungs and legs on fire immediately, but I went down the whole path (only .3 miles) without stopping, which was 4 minutes of jogging.  I walked for 2 minutes and then ran 4 more.  In total, I was out for 31 min, 5 seconds and ran for 16 minutes.  I was ecstatic about that.  Not to mention that it was cool and crisp outside and the fall colors here in the Midwest are AMAZING!  One of those days I just want to bottle up!  I then went to my college's homecoming festivites, where the mascot is a bulldog and they have a bulldog beauty contest and my friend entered her bulldog :)  Sooo funny and cute.  There were over 100 entries!  Around 120 I think.

Monday was Coach and SwimSis' first anniversary.  (Although they had been bf/gf for about 6 years beforehand).  So I had SwimTot.  I may or may have not mentioned that I don't go to Target very often because I have a problem.  I went to get SwimTot a backpack the other week and we walked out with $60 of stuff!  Mostly clothes for her (clearance section!) and a thing or two for me.  Oy.  Well in the girls section, I had gotten her a discounted, and matching running outfit.  It is this bright orange and awesome.  She doesn't run a lot, but she does like running when we go.  So we suited up (haha) and went to the nearby park.  After 5 minutes I asked her if she wanted to run and we ran for 4 and a half minutes without stopping!  She was whining by the end, but I told her we were going to run to the bridge and we made it.  And while running it was like a freaking painting.  The clounds and the sunset were beautiful and overlooking the ponds/marshland with this picturesque bridge.  I almost didn't believe it was real!  We got 21 minutes in and ran for aroudn 8 minutes total.  Pretty good for a 4 year old! Then we went to Little Caesar's because I didn't want to cook!  I got us a pizza and we went home and made a salad together (we just found out SwimTot likes salad)  with water to drink.  Great night and I actually got some pictures with my Kindle Fire!  (more on that later)

Thursday was a warm day for this time of year so EVERYONE was outside!  I had to take Coach and SwimTot to pick up the car from being repaired so we went to a park that SwimTot likes and I ran/walked while they played.  I stuck to my 5 minute warm up walk and ran till I felt like stopping.  It was 5 minutes 30 seconds :)  Again, very happy about that.  I walked 2 minutes, ran 4, walked 2 minutes, ran 3 min(which was closer to 2.5 because I was nearing the park and SwimTot wanted me to watch her climb something), walked 2 minutes, ran 2.5 min, walked 2 min, ran 1.5 min, and walked till I got back to the park.  I was out 32 mins 15 sec and ran for 16 mins.  Again, happy happy happy about that!  We went to a deli and ate outside, very nice evening.

I am aiming to get a good swim this weekend.  I NEED a good swim.  Like of course my body does, but my soul needs it!  BTW I did email the triathlon coach that gave me his card, but he has yet to email me back.  Maybe he thinks I'm crazy for asking such specific questions about his swim workouts.  Oh well :)

And on the fitness front, I signed up for a Pilates class!  I can't get myself to stay for the 8:30-9:30pm that my favorite instructor teaches (that makes me feel old).  So I signed up for a Saturday 8am class! haha I don't know how I feel about not getting any days to sleep in, but I will let you all know how that goes.

Sorry for not updating for over a week, I blame it on this:

I really like it!  It was my first paycheck purchase.  I've only had minor problems with it.  The camera is only on the front so you have to be creative/skilled when trying to take pictures.

I also attempted to give blood this week.  I hadn't successfully given blood before (only got halfway filled up).  I was VERY nervous, but happy to do it as I would want to be given blood if I needed it!  Alas, my blood test showed I have low iron (you have to have 12.5, I had 11.1 and 10.5).  I would much rather eat more iron rich food than take iron pills.  That night I went out and got a lot of spinach!  I've been eating a good amount of spinach each day and will hopefully get my iron levels up soon.

Anyone have any favorite foods to get a lot of iron?

Any good weekend plans?


  1. Hey!

    Swimtot is so adorable, you guys sound like you have a lot of fun together!
    Haha, we share that "proble" with Target :) everything is just so cute!
    I've also had an issue with Iron, my doctor reccomentded I take supplaments to assure I got enough.

    1. My problem with Target only got worse when I memorized my debit card #! I can pass up a deal when I have to dig my card out to see what my # is, but oh just typing it in so easy! haha

      I want to avoid the supplements because I have heard some (poop)horror stories from my friends. I like my poops the way they are. :)