Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Motivation - Where are youuuuuuu?

Seriously, people.  My motivation to exercise has gone out the frickin' window.  I was supposed to swim twice last week.  3 mornings in a row I hit the snooze (or forgot to set an alarm).  Barf.  I was feeling pretty down last Friday about it, but I read some blogs who were feeling similar and I also got this email from RunToTheFinish:

Yeah, something like that.  I really appreciated the email and made me feel like I was slightly less crazy.  And gave me a laugh about "Stuff White People Like".  I should probably go see a doctor and/or give myself a swift kick in the ass.  It's not like I don't like exercise when I'm doing it.  I really enjoy most forms of exercise (I'm not looking at you, eliptical. ugh).  I feel fatigued and "blah" a lot.  I think I had more energy when I was 40 pounds heavier.  Herm....(that is what a sigh while thinking sounds like).

Anyway, instead of writing what I did/did not do last week, let's just see what I DID do:

Tuesday: 26 min walk in 10 degree weather*
Thursday: 15 min spark people ab video
Saturday: 1 hr Pilates class (still feeling it today!), 5K for Katie's birthday (56 mins), Pilates side lying leg routine (10 mins) on my own.

*I made a resolution of sorts to just go for a walk if it was beautiful out, but I didn't feel like exercising.  Well, last Tuesday was nearly magnifcent despite being in low in temps.  I bundled up and was off!  I was loving leg warmers (under sweats) which were acquired for a Halloween party a couple of years back.  The only parts of me that were really cold were my toes (I forgot my new shoes just have mesh over the toes) and the area between my eyebrows (my third eye, if you will).  I freaking cannot stand when that is cold!

Monday, MLK day, was terrible in the fact that I made cookies and ate 6.  And theatre popcorn that SwimSis brough home. I was off work and agreed to watch SwimTot while SwimSis and Coach went to a movie.  Ha, 5 hours later they returned!  I was thinking about taking SwimTot to swim at the Y, but I opened the blinds and it was snowing, which the wind was blowing sideways.  I promptly closed the blinds.  And stayed inside.  I had evening comittments Weds-Friday, where morning swims would have been essential.  When I was doing morning swims a couple of months ago, my REM cycle woke me up between 5-5:15.  Nowadays, my sleep is kinda out of whack.  I sleep plenty now, I just don't get that end of REM wake up until about 6:15-6:30ish nowadays (or my alarm goes off).  Tues-Thurs I also resumed drinking iced coffee and I have backed off the juice in hoping it improves my will to not go home and be a bum on the couch.

Friday morning weigh in:
Last week:  245.8
This week:  247.0

Womp.  Womp. Wommmmmmmmmp.

(TMI:  I took a poop later that morning that very well could have been the 1.2lb difference. Sorry for the overshare, haha!) I might add that I originally wrote "274" instead of "247".  That would have been quite a gain!

All of my whining can be summed up in a short scenario from this past week:

SwimTot had been having a rough week.  She was bad at school, was eating a lot more than normal, and sleeping more than normal too.  SwimSis and Coach said "Well, if she's eating more and sleeping more, she must be going through a growth spurt".  I yelled from upstairs "Oh, is that my problem too?".

I think I'm clever.

I try to eat a lot at lunch and then some snacky things in afternoon/evening.  Just how it happens, I suppose. Here is a glimpse of a few things I had to eat last week:

Lettuce/Carrot salad w/ranch, small piece of Parm crusted Tilapia, noodle/veggie stir fry mix

"My chips" this hot bbq flavor I can only find close to work (It took me 4days to eat the bag (1.75 servings), plus some strawberries and of course my mango.  ALWAYS have to have my mango!

As for this week, I fell asleep in the earlier part of the 7 o'clock hour due to a headache.  I woke up at 12:42am and was able to go back to sleep, hoping that I would wake up naturally for a swim.  But when I woke up it was 6:22am, which meant I had a few mins to browse FB and go to work (aka could have at least done a Spark People vid).

Any good motivation for me?  I'm pretty sure my dad would  just tell me to get a swift kick in the ass.  Or compliment me on my length of whining.    

What good workouts have you had this week?


  1. That's a tough one... I think it's different for everyone. Sometimes I'll feel the same "what happened to my motivation!!?"...and the when its back you wonder how it happened! Ahhh
    I think you are still doing great! maybe just an "off" week. You still did a lot it seems.

  2. That salad/tilapia looks delicious!!