Sunday, January 13, 2013

Be Prepared!

Did anyone else have that Lion King song running through their head?  Nope, just me? Ok, then...

I have learned a few things about myself in the past 10 months and one of the more recent revelations is that I would rather stay snuggled in my house after work rather than venturing back out in whatever flavor the weather of the day is. 

There have to be strategies to combat the winter "I-don't-want-to"s and here are a few that work for me:

1)Brainstorm and write out a calender for the month of workouts/rest days.  Try to stick to this schedule as close as possible.  Because of this schedule, I lessen my chance of excuses to get out of a workout.

2) Create a "workout emergency bag" to put in your car.  Plans change, weather worsens, and life happens in general.  I find that an emergency bag can be helpful in these situations.  If something pops up, I don't have to  go home or out of the way, just drive to my destination.  Here is what I generally include:

- Several t-shirts
-Workout pants/yoga pants
-Sports bra/extra undies
-Old pair of running shoes
-Empty water bottle
-Sports drink mix
-Protein bar or two
-A couple of bucks for emergency workout needs

3)Know that you have to report to someone.  Whether you post on Facebook, blog your workouts, or text your friends, there is the pressure of accountability.  If I want to skip a workout, it is harder to get out of it when I have that accountability.

This was my past week (planned/actual):
Monday: cleaning/nothing :(
Tuesday:  2 spark people videos/nothing again :(
Wednesday: AM swim/PM Swim
Thursday: Yoga video/Yoga video
Friday: AM swim&PM Yoga/AM Swim&PM Yoga
Saturday: Pilates+1 extra workout/Pilates
Sunday: Optional workout/Rest
Unfortunately, I was dealing with some terrible headache/fatigue at the beginning of the week.  I cut out my morning protein shakes and it got a little better.  I also had salmon everyday, so we'll see if that makes any difference.  I usually take Fridays as a rest day, but obviously that didn't happen, which made Pilates about 12 times harder on Saturday morning.  Seriously, so many rest breaks!

Any tips that you use to motivate yourself/slash the excuses?


  1. writing things out always seems to help! I should do that more often also. You seem to have the list making down too :}

  2. ooh i love the workout emergency bag idea!