Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week In Review

I thought I would start doing a recap of my week so I could keep accountable for my workouts and probably weigh in once a week too.  I've started weighing in on Friday mornings because, well, I'm a pretty good girl with food during the week, but no promises on the weekend!

This was my past week (planned/actual):
Monday: yoga video/nothing
Tuesday:  AM swim/Bob Harper's Yoga for the Warrior
Wednesday: yoga video/nothing
Thursday: AM swim/push ups and crunches before bed
Friday: rest/rest
Saturday: Pilates+1 extra workout/Pilates+50 min hike w/SwimTot
Sunday: Spark People ab video+1 extra workout/20 min weights for arms

Ahem, please disregard that post from last week about how I made a schedule for the month and was going to stick with it.  BUT  I have semi-good excuses!  This girl's headlight was out and I didn't want to drive before/after dark, lest I get pulled over and ticketed.  So that's what happened to my swims. 

Other notes:  Bob Harper may very well be my workout boyfriend.  I have never done any of his workout videos before and have only seen 1 season of the biggest loser, but I really like him!  And for real, half of the stuff he was saying in this yoga vid was TWSS jokes.  Le sigh.   The video was challenging, not easy, not overly hard.  I like Yoga to be where I am able to do 80-90% of what the instructor is asking.  Make me work for it, Bob!

Also, I didn't even look to see what I was supposed to do for today.  I just did some weights after some encouragement from Megan in last week's post. 

And finally, a weigh-in:

Last week:  246.6
This week:  245.8

Yay onto 245!  That makes me very happy.  I also saw a 2.2lb loss in a day this week, but TOM will show you crazy things like that. 

I love how I am incorporating things into my life that are sustainable.  Making good things habits, making the bad choices less often.

Ooh, and before I go, a story of good over evil for the week:  I have a couple of "free drink"coupons on my Starbucks card.  So what's a girl to do except get the biggest drink she can find.  However, at Starbucks, bigger and more expensive also means loads more calories.  I went into Starbucks and there was a very long line.  This afforded me the time to remember that you can get a drink OR a food item with your "free drink" coupon.  I snagged up a protein bistro box for the win!  I had it for lunch and it was pretty yummy. 

Any victories over evil this week?

Any Google search stats on your blog that make you blush?  Oh my, I don't know how they got to my blog by searching that...


  1. Bob Harper is MY workout boyfriend. LOL JK I have actually never done his workouts but I have done Killians...errr Jillian's that was seriously an oops but it really is true. She kills me in those workouts. Yay for a successful week. It isn't about making goals in stone. It is about making goals and adjusting them so that they are attainable as time progresses. :)

  2. Your post is reminding me how much I like to follow workout videos! I haven't done his workouts either but was using Jillian's for a while. I'll have to look his up now! Also, nice loss!!

  3. Congratulations on your loss! Great job with your workouts. Good luck with your new week.

    I adore Bob Harper!

  4. Congratulations on your loss and your activity. I'm wondering what those Google searches were!