Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mustard: Ketchup's Evil Twin

For as long as I can remember, I have hated mustard.  I have believed it to be quite nasty.  Well, welcome back to "Try It, You'll Like It" Tuesdays!

I have been having a problem of not bringing enough food to work.  Yesterday, I got a massive headache and felt super nauseous in the evening.  Today, I knew I didn't have anything for breakfast and tried to get to Starbucks so I could get a protein plate.  However, I was running to late.  I grabbed a muffin at work and swore I was getting a protein plate at lunch.  I called the nearest Starbucks and they said they had one left.  I waited an hour and left, hoping the best, but alas there was no protein plate to be had.  Knowing that I could not get fast food and be happy about tracking those calories, I got a turkey and swiss sandwich from the Starbucks without the protein plate.  And it came with light mayo and mustard.  I'm a girl who loves her mayo, but doesn't generally like mustard.  But why not give it a shot.  Here's my first try:

Just enough to get a taste, but not be overwhelmed.
Verdict: I LIKED IT!!!

Yes, it made this plain, boring sandwich tasty!  I put even more on the second half of my sandwich.  I'm a fan of small amounts of mustard, apparently.  This makes me happy because I do generally like my food plain and boring, but I also like expanding my palate.  I feel victorious!

Other exciting news:  I JOINED THE YMCA!!!
The YMCA in my area had a week where they waived the fee to join the Y.  I knew they also had a sliding scale for monthly membership.  I ended up paying $27/month with no signing fee.  Yay!  I was ecstatic and driving home I was like "Oh, $#!& I just joined the Y, I really have to go now!".  Yeah, that moment when every fat kid realizes they have to put their booty where their money is.  In equally exciting news:  SwimSis and SwimTot joined too!  SwimTot goes to preschool there, will go to summer camp there, does dance class, is going to do soccer, and has swim lessons on thursdays after preschool.  Whew!  Tonight SwimSis and her husband, The Coach, went to a movie (21 Jump Street...they said it was funny).  I took SwimTot to the pool.  Not the lap swimming I had in mind, but two of my favorite things are hanging out with my niece and being in the water.  We were swimming for 45 minutes and I estimate that I was probably treading water for 30 minutes.  Not too bad!  SwimTot is adventurous and we hung out in the deep end where she would belly flop in and swim to me, and they back to the wall.  Here is a picture of us before we left:

Not the best pic of us, but you can't capture AWESOME!!!

Back to my last post, talking about St. Paddy's Day.  I totally bombed at making good choices.  I went out to eat/drink Thurs/Fri/Sat/ Sun!  Baaad on the wallet too!  For some reason only God knows (A very large margarita at dinner Friday night) I was up at 7:30am Saturday morning.  Everyone else was asleep, so I snuck out for a little walk.  A mile around my apartment complex took me 20 minutes last time.  My only goal was to beat that 20 minute mark.  I headed out going quickly through the streets of the complex, and once I got to the trail my knee was not happy.  Not injured or anything, just whining.  I made it through the pain and when I got home I saw: 19 minutes!  Could have been 19:00 or 19:59, but I did it!  I was so happy!  Here is a pic of me afterwards:

Yes, that is the shirt of a race I have never done...but I might!

 I have a good friend who is pretty healthy and eats a mostly Paleo diet.  She made dinner for a group of us on St. Paddy's Day.  It was a spinach salad (w/pear and avocado), green beans w/toasted almonds, and Shepard's Pie with a cauliflower/potatoe topping.  Delish!  Then I went out with her friends.  Which ended up being awkward for me.  I was definitely the only fat one there, not the only obese, or morbidly obese person, the ONLY one with a body mass index that is considered overweight.  Slightly depressing.  Alcohol helped.  At least I wasn't that girl laying in the bathroom stall with puke all over me, having to be dragged out by a couple of waitresses.

Ah well, more on that later.  For now, here is  a picture of a cactus type plant I got my old hometown city I visited last weekend.  I figured I was responsible enough for a plant (as compared to a pet or boyfriend).  I had it sitting in the window sill, then I closed the window.  And wouldn't you know it, I chopped off part of the leaves while closing the window.  Plant owner fail!!!

Before being chopped in the window.

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