Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick Update

Hi Friends!  I have a few minutes to spare before going to swim/spin tonight.  I'll do SBBC Week 3 update in a couple of days...good news:  it was my highest exercise week yet! 

No real bad news, which is also good news.  I just had an emotional week (TOM).  Not in a bad way either.  Like feeling frumpy one day and feeling like the most gorgeous person on the planet the next day.  All day last Wednesday I just felt great.  Ah, I want to bottle that feeling (and then sell it!).  Then on Friday I saw this:

Last week's weight: 241.0
This week's weight:  239.6

My highest weight, in 2009 was 290, so that means I officially lost 50 pounds (in there somewhere was a 35lb lost and a 25lb gain!).  Just processing through my life and emotions.

And watching Doctor Who so I can watch the new episode this Saturday.  If I'm being completely  honest here.  :)

I had a NSV post coming up including pics (taken on a different day where I felt uber cute), but then my dearest SwimTot couldnt' remember the password to my Kindle yesterday and did a factory reset :(  I am kinda mourning for my cute "selfie" pics I had!  Plus I had super adorable ones of me and SwimTot.  Love that girl, but she doesn't get to use my Kindle anytime soon!

Happy Swimming!


PS go check out Staci's Birthday Giveaway!  Looks like a yummy pack!


  1. Bummer we won't get to see your pics, but I'm glad to hear how happy you sound! And 50 lbs! WOW! Way to rock it! :D

  2. 50 pounds! That's awesome. Way to go :)
    Have fun at swim/spin. I still need to try spin one day.

  3. yeah great job!!! It's so important to consistently remember all your progress and I love that you are!