Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SBBC Week 3

Week 3 already done...crazy!  Here was my week in fitness (okay, a little more than that!):

Monday:  65 mins in the pool.  Inner thighs were so sore from Saturday's hilarious Pilates workout!

Tuesday:  I was supposed to do yoga at work, after work, but it was SwimSis' bday.  And she wanted to go to dinner at 5:30.  Who goes to dinner that early?!? :)  We went to a grill/meaty kinda place.  It can be sooo amazing.  And pricy.  I was feeling cheap and non adventurous, so I got their burger for $11 :)  We went to this same place for my sister's bachelorette party dinner and I got butternut squash soup, risotto and scallops, and some kind of delicious dessert.  I just wasn't feeling like spending that much today (in calories or dollars!).  No exercise this day.

Wednesday: 70 mins swimming.  TOM was this week, which made me feel ridiculously tired/zapped of energy while exercising.  We did 400 free for time.  Mine was 7:10.  Quite laughable because my best time racing the 500 free in HS was 5:59!  We also did 200 free for time and mine was 3:30.  A month and a half ago it was 3:34, so I was very happy with that.  One of the aquatics staff joined us for the workout and she is super speedy.  She definitely lapped me in the 400 free and was probably done when I had 75 yards left.  But then she kept complaining LOUDLY how she was SOOOO SLOW.  Add that to the other lady who is speedy (she beat me in the 200, I beat her in the 400) who always touts that she DID NOT grow up a swimmer and doesn't even do flip basically we should be impressed.  LOL  I just keep quiet.  I'm not going to brag and I'm not going to encourage other people to brag.  Those distances for time felt much harder than they were supposed to, I'm sure.  I then made sure to do 500 yards pull.  I would like to work on my upper body/arms in time for the wedding I'm in this year (okay, it's Nov 2, so I've got time, but I would like my arms to look like guns!).

Thursday: 52 mins of walk/run. Ran for 35 of those mins.  Felt hard, but less so than the week before.  I ran longer and went further than I had before.  I have run to a certain bridge a couple of times, but never gone over it.  When I got to the bridge, I had to see what was on the other side :)  Felt good.  I had my epsom salt bath, book to read, smoothie to drink, and fun deep cleaning face mask (that was bright blue) to utilize afterward.  Felt like such a great reward!  I had pictures of this all (including my blue face), but they got lost when SwimTot did a factory reset on my Kindle :(

Friday: Supposed to be a rest day, but my side mantra is "If it is nice outside, take a walk.  You will not regret it".  It was gorgeous...very sunny and 43 degrees.  Walked around an adjacent neighborhood for 42 mins, decided I was hungry and would go to Jimmy John's.  But I didn't bring any money with me!  I had to go back home and then go to Jimmy John's.  53 mins of walking total.  And a yummy sandwich.

Saturday:  1 hour of Pilates.  She made the class up of letting us each choose one favorite move to do.  Some of them were TORTURE.  We did some arms things and I got 3 pound weights, which are fine for a small amount of reps, but geeez I felt like getting some lighter ones later on! I persevered!  I chose to do "Up downs" as they are known in my class, or "walking planks".  I got the feeling that I was the only person who liked them!  I usually do more than that on Saturdays, but I was a bum the rest of the day.  Then my team lost in the NCAA tourney.  So sad :(

Sunday:  Ran after kiddos all morning and then took one of the best naps ever.  haha no real activity this day as it was getting VERY snowy out! 

Totals:  Exercise 30 points (300 mins...yay!)
Freggies: 4
Water:  5

I was very reflective this week.  Hormones do that.  I got to 50 pounds lost from my highest weight.  I had a regular (and normal) period for 3 months in a row.  I felt super frumpy Tuesday.  Wednesday i decided I needed something with a stretchy waistband (lol!) and ended up wearing a long skirt and just felt damn awesome all day.  I just have days every once in a while where I feel gorgeous all day.  The sun's shining just right and I"m at the center of the universe :)  It was good just to realize where I have been, where I am now and love and appreciate the journey.  The week can be summarized like this:  I may not have everything I want, but I'm blessed with everything I need.

How was your SBBC Week 3?

How do you kick a "frumpy" day to the curb?    I went with something that felt good physically (the skirt) and paired it with some cute accessories and some awesome music (country!).  And I gave myself a good pep talk.  


  1. Music definitely helps me get out of a funk as well. Hope you have a great weekend, hun xo

  2. Lol wow! I love reading your posts! Lol about the complaining speed swimmer :p I think sometimes people just want to hear " no way! You are so fast! Silly" lol ugh! You are very inspiring btw you are always on the go! Even when you don't think you are so much! 50 :) that's awesome you are doing such a great job. The pep talk and "I frumping" was great! I think you gotta do that sometimes! Just for yourself and no one else. Great post!

  3. I had a "frumpy" moment this week too! Some sort of physical activity always make me feel better, even if it is just a walk outside!