Monday, March 18, 2013

SBBC Week 2

After a couple of frustrating weeks with the rollercoaster scale, I made sure to put chocolate back in it's place this week.  It was very interesting, but this is what I found out:  it is easier to say 'yes' to chocolate than it is hard to say 'no'.

Does that make sense to anyone else?  Before last week I would pass someone's desk and pick up a piece of candy, I would get a thing or two of clearance candy at the store, I would get a mint sitting on the desk when walking out of yoga.  It was just too easy to get a fix!  This past week I would walk past candy and think "eh, no big deal" or "not very tempting".  Just like that.  I won't say I didn't have my struggles, but yeah it is scary how easily I can cope with chocolate/candy!

Anywho, here is the week's workout rundown:

Monday:  80 mins in the pool.  It was good, hard, but good.  They are adding a morning workout:  5:30am on Monday mornings.  Yeah, middle of the night.  We'll see if I go next week (spoiler: I was actually up at that hour, but I was doing work and watching Doctor Who).

Tuesday:  I had planned to do some physical activity, but I ended up grocery shopping and cooking.  That seems rather dull and uneventful, but I don't cook more than once a week, so I was standing in my kitchen for several hours making the fillings for what would be southwest chicken salad.  I was too pooped to do anything else that night.

Wednesday:  65 mins in the pool.  I really liked my coach's set of longer distance (long for this group) which was 3 x 200 yards freestyle, then a 50 yard sprint.  Who knew mixing up the distance and the sprint could be so fun!  We did that set two times and then I he had me do a couple of IMs.  I think the distances of our practices are getting around 2200 yards, which is definitely where I like it.  Going earlier, I get in more yards, which is always a good thing!

Thursday:  On Wednesday, my TriFit coach said I should make sure I am still running.  I had mentally planned in running into Thursdays anyway, but that didn't make it any less difficult to get out there!  A rain/snow mix was in the forecast when I checked it that morning, but luckily that held off and it was nice and sunny!  I started at my usual spot and chose to run through the woods first.  The last time I went in that particular area, there was 6 inches of snow on the ground.  Oh, I missed it!  My legs felt heavy and my lungs were not happy.  I made it to 6 mins running before I had to walk a bit.  I took 2 mins to walk and then ran again.  I took a city street to meet up with the main trail in the area.  I crossed the busy street because, at that point, my legs could not take the up side of a tunnel to go underneath!  I managed my "run as far as you can" and walk for 2 minutes for nearly the whole time.  Near the end, I heard a mother with a stroller gaining on me, so I tried to keep going until I hit the parking lot!  In the end, I got 44 mins in, with 25 mins of running (5 min warm up, 4ish min cool down walks). 

I was sooo sore at that point!  I went straight to CVS and got some epsom salt.  I wanted to reward myself and there was tons of chocolate.  Luckily, I had a certain book in mind to order for my Kindle while I took my epsom salt bath.  (Craig Ferguson's "America on Purpose").  As I started the bath, I was thinking how wonderful the Kindle is where I can get virtually any book I want at the click of a button.  Don't have to drive to the library and reserve it for XX number of days, when they possibly might not have it to begin with.  Then I got to searching for the book on the Kindle...$9.99...say what?!?  Hmmm...I love the library, it is so FREE!  I eventually went with a free book I had downloaded on my Kindle a couple of months ago.  It didn't turn out how I wanted it to, but it ended up being just what I needed.

Friday:  Rest day like always.  I babysat 4 m/o and 2 year old.  Parents told me it didn't matter if I put on to bed before the other.  I chose to put the baby to bed first, which was problematic because I didn't want to stop holding him in order to get the 2 year old to sleep! 

Saturday:  60 mins of Pilates.  The two men who are normally in the class were gone this day because of their kid's spring breaks.  This meant my instructor turned from her normal funny into HILARIOUS.  We were totally sitting on exercise balls doing inner thigh squeezes with her yelling things she couldn't when the men are around!  Everyone else was quasi serious about it, so I kept it to a giggle, when really I could have been roaring with laughter.  Then I did a 10 min video from Spark People to get in another point.

Sunday:  I didn't sit down for sooo long!  I worked at the church from 9:30-1:30, went home, ate lunch, cooked lunch for this week. (I don't sit down when I cook...I rarely sit down when I eat!).  I chopped loads of onions and mushrooms for Hungarian Mushroom Soup.  So good.  When I was was nearly done, cooking, the pastor text me and asked if I could come back at 4:30.  As soon as I finished cleaning up, it was time to leave again!  I usually work with the preschoolers, but they had me work with the 6-11 year olds and they were a blast!  I worked there until 7, went home, ate my soup, and fell into bed.  No extra energy for exercising today!

Exercise: 25.9
Water: 6
Freggies: 5

Oh water and freggies were so good (for me) this week!  Can't wait to see what lessons this week brings!

Oh and before I go:

Last week's weight:  242.4
This week's weight:  241.0

Finally, in the right direction!  Here are a few of my eats for the week:
Most of my lunches were Southwest Chicken Salad variations.  This was the fillings in a lettuce wrap.  chicken, corn, black beans, onions, peppers, salsa (the good kind!), and some ranch. Nom nom nom.

This was my dinner a couple of nights.  Scrambled eggs and a green veggie.  Delicious and filling!


  1. I know how hard it can be to say no to candy. I like pics of your eats from the week!!! They look healthy & delish

  2. That southwest salad looks delicious! Recipe please!!

  3. 80 minutes in the pool?! holy moses I would die! I'm glad you saw results from all your hard work! Oh and yes, I am doing insanity and yes it is kicking my a$$! ;) Keep us posted on your SBBC and I'll try to remember to do the same with insanity.