Thursday, March 14, 2013

SBBC Week 1


Last week was week 1 of the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge.  Can't say I exactly nailed it, but it  was pretty good considering the circumstances. 

Monday: 60 mins of swimming with Tri-Fit.  I felt so strong.  Really good swim.  My cue is to swim keep swimming until everyone finishes.  This day I did DOUBLE the main set that everyone else did.  Good swim!

Tuesday:  Yoga class "demonstration".  Let me say how glad I am that my workplace is investing in some wellness programs. To me, demonstration means I watch, but she had us all right in there doing every move!  I forgot I had signed up to go to the demonstration this day, so I showed up sans mat and in my sweater and work pants.  Only one that was unprepared.  Awesome.  The teacher was really down too earth, possibly a little too much so.  The class was an hour, but I"m only counting 30 mins because there was talking in between a lot of moves.  I signed up for the first session of four classes and they are only $5 a piece, can't beat that these days!  PS Everyone had our stuff sitting in chairs along the back wall (of a conference room :) hehe) and this other participant sat in an empty chair next to mine, took her socks off, and LAID THEM ON MY COAT.  You don't even have to be a germaphobe for that to gross you out.  That lady SHALL NOT be my friend.  I went home and did a 1 min plank, followed by a 20 min walk.

Wednesday:  I had committed to working in the evening at the church, so I was planning on getting up before work to go swim (which I don't love getting up early).  But luckily, it snowed about 4-5 inches the night before (well, rain that turned into sleet that turned into snow), so we had a 2 hour delay.  I got sleep in AND go swim.  SCORE!  50 mins in the pool!

Thursday:  Hung out with two friends from college.  4 hours felt like 1!  Sidecars don't hurt either, mmmm.

Friday:  Usual rest day.

Saturday:  60 mins of Pilates.  She soooo kicked my butt.  Ow, ow, ow.  I normally do some other physical activity besides Pilates, but I had received an email on Friday stating that we were having a meeting on Monday about the status of something I was supposed to be working on.  Well...I hadn't really been keeping up with it so I went into work for 6 hours!  Ugh, and then went and worked from home some more. 

Sunday:  Worked at the church, ran back to work to sneak 45 more mins of organizing my project in, babysat, then had dinner with the whole fam damily.  SwimSis and my dad were here for the day and we headed to Cracker Barrel (SO good!).  I ordered the chicken salad...salad.  Whatever that is called.  It has chicken salad, craisins, almonds, apple slices, a very nice bed of lettuce, and 2 pieces of cheddar and 2 little bread things that remind me of sandwich thins.  I ate a little, but packed the rest up for the next day's lunch.  I grazed on what everyone else had, too.

Overall, my food was not very good.  I really didn't go to the store all week. I had McD's multiple times for breakfast, and my lunch was Walgreens salad all week!  I also picked up a couple of boxes of clearance V-day chocolate at Walgreens.  I ate 1 box Thursday (I think 6 or 7 pieces) and split the other between Friday/Saturday...lame!

Total workout points:  22.6
Water Points; 5
Freggie Points: 3

Week total:  30.6

In the end...I can and will do better next week!  Ready to rock it!


  1. So the lady with the socks is... ummm... inconsiderate. Geez, woman! I'm not a germaphobe either, but that's just disrespectful.
    That's great that you work is offering healthy activities. Yoga can be so so so expensive.

    Are you doing WW? What are water and freggie points? Or is that your own system to keep you motivated?

  2. I have done WW before (far too lazy to measure things), but these points are for the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge. I just copied and pasted from the website:

    A few changes to ensure this challenge is not so heavily weighted towards runners:

    1 point for 10 minutes of exercise
    1 point daily for drinking your 64 oz water
    1 point daily for eating 7-9 servings of freggies (fruits/veggies)
    1 point for completion of any WOW
    1 point daily for doing the Golden Morning (any time of day)

    I'm aiming for 7 hours of workouts a week...whew that is a lot! Definitely not there yet, but I am getting closer!