Monday, June 11, 2012

June Workouts Thus Far

June 1:  Started things off right with a swim!  In which I swam a mile at a good rate.  It made me feel incredible to accomplish that!  Swam 2000 yards total.

June 2:  Run/Walk 2 miles.  36 mins. First run with music.  Almost (within 5 feet) got hit by a car.  Last run with music. :) haha actually I would give music another try if a) I weren't so freaking cheap and b) I found headphones that would work for me, but wouldn't cover my whole ear or anything.  I have my tragus pierced in my left ear (that pic is not my ear, btw) and earbuds generally fall out asap when running.

June 3: 5 min warm up on elliptical (boo! hiss!),  Lift 14,460 lbs, swim 500 yards in 8:41.  Later on in the day I walked 3.5 miles in 1:06.  Beautiful day!

June 4:  Pilates for beginner's class at the Y.  4 people, dark class, no music, self-absorbed and late instructor.  Not enough to keep me away though!  I felt it the next day, it was wonderful! 40 mins of that class, 18 mins on the elliptical (ugh) and 8,440 lifting.

June 5:  REST

June 6:  1.5 miles? in 29:31.  Got new high heels that day, made calves hurt and running was unusually painful.  Well, more of discomfort.

June 7:  REST

June 8:  SWIM! I am loving Friday evening swims.  Can you tell I really have no social life :)  I did another mile and swam 2400 yards total.

June 9:  46:21 bike ride with TeenSwimSis at State Park.  The moderate paved path was 3.3 miles.  I'm pretty sure we made it 75% of the way before turning back.  She had 2 bikes (I had just planned on renting one onsite) and made me ride the smaller one.  I kept having to stop and tweak different things (along with walking up hills!).  It was a much easier ride on the way back than it was on the way out.  But geez,  putting 270 lbs of person on a small space (bike seat) not comfy.  Sooo many TWSS jokes I could make here, perhaps another day!  I didn't really go swimming, just stood in the water for 15 mins.  Looked pretty cute in my suit tho!  If you didn't know beforehand, I have some large tatas that I like to see as an asset when it comes to the swimsuit dept! haha

June 10: REST.  Unless you count increasing lung capacity due to 2 hour drive by myself listening to and singing along with any radio station available. 

June 11:  Pilate's for beginner's again!  16 people in class, fabulous instructor, nice music, lights on.  I hope she is there every time!  I was going to lift (it HAD been a week since I had done that) but my legs were wanting to move and my first 5K is in 12 DAYS.  And I've really only run once-ish a week.  My first mile was 15:30 -- a best for me!  I really pushed myself with running.  My longest time running was 4 mins, I feel great about that!  Finished my second mile for a total of 33:05!

Here are some pics of happenings in my world!

My Friday work treat - Iced Coffee!  And new kelly green blazer from Lane Bryant :)

TeenSwimSis ready to roll!

Start of the trail pic.

Me and my smaller bike


Big Tree!

Swimsuit.  And boobs. ha

Over the shoulder while driving shot of the lake.

TeenSwimSis and the graduate

Lovely outdoor wedding

Beautifully decorated tent.

The groom's a tall guy!

The gorgeous bride and myself (LOVE mermaid style dresses)

Pre-pilates.  Pre-tshirt.  Tshirt needed to make sure boobs and/or stomach is covered up at all times!

Post-run.  Sweaty and thankful for water!

My favorite things so far this month have been: 1) Swimming.  - Every time I swim, I'm inspired to swim more and more.  2) Work? - I have been a temp at the same place since the beginning of the year.  They hired someone, but he quit shortly thereafter. That was like a month and a half ago.  I told my boss that I was considering applying for the job and she said a lot of wonderful things to me and is giving me a chance to do some stuff that I am not really qualified for :) haha  That was a very hard conversation for me to have with her because I'm not really the go-getter type.  Put me up against a room full of amazingly qualified candidates?  Not so much.  See how I have learned and adapted at this job and put me up against myself?  Sure! 3) SwimTot - Oh man.  FAVORITE!  I was gone this weekend and when I came back yesterday she kept running over to me and hugging me and sitting in my lap when she was supposed to be eating dinner.  That kid really missed me and I really missed her.  Being an aunt is awesome.  Very little responsibility for the child, but all of the little kid hugs I can handle!

PS Can I possibly give anyone real women dollars from Lane Bryant?  I used most of mine, but will not use the rest before they expire 6/13. Spend $50, get $25 off I believe.


  1. My gosh that is some phenomenal exercise. No wonder you are looking so good. Which brings me to the dress you wore to the wedding - that dress looks terrific on you!

    You should ask the good pilates teacher what her schedule is and adjust accordingly.

    Keep it up and soon you are going to be a fit little slim jim!

    1. Aw shucks, thanks! I find very few dresses that work for me, so I was glad to find this one!

      And this week the pilates teacher corrected me more (smaller class). I like people better when they are complimenting me :) haha

      lol - slim jim, positive thoughts!