Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Confessions aka from Eh, to weird, to AWESOME!

1.  Since I wrote this post 2 weeks ago, I have been craving that stupid meal from Taco Bell/Pizza Hut (just the value meal, not anything extra).  I went and had it today.  It was good.  I'm really hoping that since I had the meal, I can forget that I drive past it 2 times a day!  I don't feel sick after that, just sleepy :)

2.  I'm pretty sure I have some mild/moderate form of trichotillomania.  There is a semi-distrubing picture if you click the link, just fyi.  I just run my fingers through my hair A LOT, mostly subconsciously, my fingers search out all the imperfect hairs that have kinks or are curly.  Not enough to be balding or anything.  Well, I actually do have a bald spot on my head, but that is from cradle cap when I was a baby.  At least that's what I was told :)

3.  Because of the bald spot from cradle cap, my dermatologist (when I was a teen) offered to give me the number of the guy who did his plugs.  So freaking creepy.

4.  I really didn't mean for the post to go this way, but I'll keep on riding this train....  I mostly wore my hair parted down the middle because I just didn't care.  But after I donated my hair to locks of love in 2009, my short hair style had a side part and I've just kept up with the side part, slightly more self-conscious of the bald spot.

5.  HOLY FREAKING  CRAP!!!  I forgot to mention the best part of my day!!!


If you're not familiar, this is what the 400IM looks like:

Except mine was not as fast, short course yards, and I was not racing anyone else!

PS Please enjoy that random language the commentators are speaking!

I was amazed that I had the stamina to make it 100 yards of butterfly!!!  I did get a huge mouthful of water on the last 25 of the 100 fly, but I kept pushing and finished the whole thing in less than 8 mins.  I always consider 2:00 mins/100yds to be my standard for just freestyle, so I was really happy with this.  I felt like a baller because I know the last time I raced a 400 IM in a meet was 1998!  And that was just to get the club record because no 12/13 year old had ever swam it.

The only downsides to the swim were 1) I forgot to bring something to drink. 2) The water was WAY hotter than it should be for lap swim and 3) I over extended a muscle in my side a bit, but it is fine.

All day I've felt on top of the world because of it!  yay!  Someday I will have to tape myself swim for you guys.  I promise, my strokes were not as strong or pretty as the ones in the youtube video above (that's what she said...)

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