Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Confessions

I skipped Wednesday Confessions last week because, well, I was tired!  Yeah that rest day royally sucked.  An early bedtime turned into soothing SwimTot while she cried because her parents were not home yet.  Maybe I should let that one go.  Especially because I am watching her this weekend while SwimSis and Coach go to Louisville.  Anyway, here they are:

1.  I have a new favorite phrase.  “That really frosts my balls!” Obviously I am not male, so I have none to speak of.  And I’m not sure if frost refers to cake icing or being cold.  A conversation with my dad and SwimSis a couple of weeks ago (probably about TeenSwimSis being messy!) is where this little gem came from.  It is to be used in a “that really rubs me the wrong way” context.  Correct usage:  You know, that really frosts my balls when he doesn’t refill the filtered water pitcher!  Please note, I only say this out loud to my family who would understand this inside joke!
2.  The toilets at work make me confused in my non-work life.  All of the toilets at work are automatic flush.  I drink several reusable water bottles full of water each day (plus the ice that is left at the end!), so I visit them often.  I have found myself at home or the YMCA after going to the restroom and stood up, only to wonder why the toilet is not flushing.  You have to do it yourself, silly!
3.  I have a new addiction.  Last month, I was ALL OVER slurpees, icies, whatever you want to call them.  But ever since I had FroYo 2 weeks ago (2 weeks, I thought it had been 3! Geesh!).  Yesterday I treated SwimSis and SwimTot to some FroYo (after an agonizingly long time at Kohl’s.  We were shopping for work out shoes for TeenSwimSis – who was in the hometown.  2 hours away!  We were sending her pictures and waiting to hear back.  It took so freaking long!) and they really loved it!  I got Taro, Georgia Peach, and Watermelon Sorbet with sprinkles and reese’s pb cups (I forgot the nuts – noooo!).  I will make myself wait till at least this weekend to go!  I also may or may not have gone online to get several coupons and the Groupons! 
4.  I’m pissed at SwimSis!  Yes, I created a 4th confession to tell everyone that.  Ha!  I’m more of annoyed.  This past weekend I bought 2 Odwalla Juices.  Duh, they were on manager’s special, I can’t be paying full price for that stuff!  I got Mango Tango and Blueberry B.  I wasn’t so sure about Blueberry B by itself, so I was mixing the two (for 1 cup total) and taking it to work to drink as I please.  Apparently, SwimSis didn’t pack her lunch yesterday and took my Mango Tango juice out of hunger.  And then her boss ended up taking her to lunch and they had Mexican food and margaritas.  WTF.  You drank my juice and then got tipsy on your boss’ dime during the work day?  As Stephanie from Full House would say, “HOW RUDE!!!”. 


  1. What a terrific boss swimsis has.

  2. Mmmm, frozen yoghurt is the best! And I like how swimsis' boss sounds :p