Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Fun Facts

1.  I need to bring back Wednesday Confessions.  Those were fun. 

2. I jinxed myself after my last post. Drinking like a million calories this week. I may not have had pop (actually I had 2 sips of a Sprite), but I have been drinking my calories like nobodies business.  I am kind of resenting the fact that our new place is right across the street from Starbucks.  I usually don't go overboard, usually a grande Pike Place roast w/2 pumps caramel and room for non-fat milk w/2 raw sugars. I split that into 2 days worth of iced coffee (obvi getting the ice when I get to work).  Then that same day I swung by and got a caramel macchiato for $2 w/the treat receipt (for the next day at work).  Then yesterday the maintenence guys were at the apt, so I went to Starbucks and had 2 Passion Iced Teas (sweetened).  And took one for the road (this morning).  Today, I had a coffee from a gas station.  Well, half sugary goodness that is currently making my stomach hurt, half coffee.  Ugh.  Remember when love was all we really needed?

3.  TeenSwimSis is turning 14 this month.  She wants to come here for her bday.  And she wanted family pictures. Like a photoshoot. Well since my dad and brother can't be counted on for taking off work, we decided it would be just the sisters.    Like a freaking photoshoot w/my sisters, yes my sisters who are soooo pretty, and do their hair and makeup everyday.  I'm just sitting here all "I'm lucky if I brushed my hair today" (I didn't, but it actually looks cute in this braid). Sigh.

4.  I went on a walk/run with SwimSis and SwimTot yesterday.  SwimSis said she would get up in the mornings if she had someone to walk/run with.  I would be in for it, but here's the thing: 

I kind of hate running with her.

It's not like she's impossible or goes to slow (lol that would be me) or she goes to fast.  It's that I like calling the shots.  When to run, when to walk, etc.  It's a mindgame really.  But when I have my LITTLE SISTER telling me when to walk/run.  Forgetaboutit.  Our 2 training runs for our first 5K were fairly miserable. 

But to be honest, it might not be a bad idea.  I would have to shower afterwards, ensuring that I brushed my hair that morning.  As for the makeup...let's just take one thing at a time!

Any tips not to look like a dork at this photoshoot?  (I feel weird saying photo shoot.  This photographer gets great pics and is cheap!)

Would you run with your younger sister?

Have a good weekend lovelies!


  1. Yes!! I run with my daughter, now that's tough!! She looks great even when she sweats. Not fair!! Anyway, it's great for the motivation!!

    Stay focused!

  2. Yes I would run wit my younger sis. Take turns calling the shots haha

    Yay to photo shoot. I hate the pressure of taking pictures but just go with it and be yourself and they will turn out great :)

  3. Thank you for your kind words on my blog!! I really appreciate them!!