Monday, September 17, 2012


Tiny.  It's one word that has only been used to describe me once.

At birth.  3lbs, 6.5oz.  Yeah that's tiny.

But in my adult life and even growing up, I was never called Tiny.  Ever.

I remember last year I was a temp at this small distribution company.  They did a lot of deliveries, but there were walk-ins too.

One day I was in the kitchen heating up my lunch and I heard a customer come in and ask the other employee "Where's the little lady?"

I knew in that second that he was not talking about me!  No one has EVER called me a little lady either.  Probably for the best.  I'm not super hyped up on gender roles and I might deck a man if he called me that.

I have been steadily losing weight for the past 6 months. helped me make a goal of 30 pounds lost by September 25.  I weighed in 2 weeks ago and was only 4lbs away!

I stepped on the scale this weekend and saw a number 2 lbs heavier.  What's the deal scale???  Hmph.  It put me in a bad mood and I felt uncomfortable in all of my clothes all weekend even though they are pretty loose on me.

And then I got so spend some time on Sunday afternoon with SwimTot.  That girl always makes me smile.

She called me a nickname she has given me a couple of times over the past week or so.


Oh my dearest SwimTot.  That seems so silly to call someone with is fluctuating around 255lbs Tiny!

But you know what?  She meant it.  She has zero idea I'm losing weight.   Zero idea that I weighed in.

Yet she calls me "Tiny" and my whole perspective turns around.

Maybe if I buckle down in these last two weeks I can get close to my goal.

I saw some good downward jumps on the scale during the weeks that I was swimming in the mornings at the YMCA.

With that gain, I was liable to jump ship and head the other direction, but SwimTot saved me.  At least this week.

That kid doesn't know how much she means to me!

Has anyone ever unexpectedly changed your attitude for the better?


  1. Awww how very sweet yet so encouraging (to you) of your SwimTot. Last week, I was having a crappy week with my workouts and the s.o. would suddenly out of the blue just say how proud of me he was for pushing myself so hard yet I hadn't even gotten a chance to tell him what I was feeling. But hearing him say it kept me going :)

    You have truly come a long way. You're super close to your goal. Congratulations!!! I have no doubt you will make your 30lb weight loss goal by 9/25 :) Keep pushing no matter what.

    1. Yeah she is a keeper and it sounds like your s/o is too. Thanks for the encouragement girl!