Tuesday, September 25, 2012

6 Month Weigh In

6 months ago was just an ordinary day, but the day that I put my weight into sparkpeople.com and I set a goal of 30 pounds lost by Sept 25, which seemed FOREVER away!

March 25, 2012 - 280 pounds
Sept 25, 2012 - 255 pounds

25 pound loss!

I did not make my "goal" and am slightly disappointed (I don't like failing) but I am thrilled with the 25 pound loss.  No one can tell or at least has said anything, probably because it has been slow going.  I renewed my license in January and got my picture taken then.  Granted, it was a horrendous picture because they BMV ladies wanted to shank me for coming in 4 minutes till close, but when I compare it to the picture I took for my license this month, there is such a difference!

Ugh!  I cannot get it to turn the right way, sorry!  Don't injure your neck!

I know the areas of my life that I can improve on (planning meals and not eating junk as we approach the holiday season - I'm talking to you Halloween candy, why are you on display and in my cart so frickin' early???)

I've very excited to see where the next 6 months leads me!


  1. You crack me up thinking 25 pounds is a fail. Girl!

    Your chin is ever so thin!

  2. 25lbs in 6 months!?! that is amaze and calls for a celebratory run lol WTG & congratulations!!! all your hard work is paying off and will continue to :)

    The difference in the two pictures is palpable. Yay, so happy for you.

  3. Loved your comment on my blog - I should so make a dessert sticker. Happy to be following you back!

  4. The picture doesn't lie! Be proud :} you didn't fail! You are doing an awesome job, horray for 25 lbs lost!