Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"I am not" does NOT mean "I cannot"!

I know I said a post about family today, but something cooler happened!

I was heading off to dreamland last night.  I usually forget these half awake thoughts, but this one stuck with me.


Yeah, yeah.  Everyone's done it.  Well not me!

Last fall, my friend Ali told me her and her roommate had started it.  I remember looking it up and thinking "OH HELL TO THE NO!  RUN FOR ONE MINUTE STRAIGHT?  SOMEONE IS OUT OF THEIR DAMN MIND!"  After having the urge to run a few weeks ago, and running for over a minute at one point, I decided to give it a shot!

I had planned to go to the Y after work, but after I remembered Couch to 5K, it wasn't so!

I need to plan my workouts.  For our "Try-athlon", I have been all over the place.  In my mind, if I walk, bike and swim, I feel I have done my job.  However, by doing this, not only am I at the gym for at least 2 hours a day, I am not focusing on any one discipline.

But WHERE do I run?  The Y?  Not a chance!  Em+Running on treadmills = me ending up on one of those 'funniest' shows, or worse YouTube.  I was always that kid who would trip over their own feet in gym class (at least once a year, if not more!).  This is why:

ASICS.  Size 11.5!

My apartment complex would be fine to run in, but the paved path that goes around the perimeter is occasionally riddled with holes/uneven pavement from a rush/careless paving job.  But SwimSis was babysitting tonight.  Not to far away.  In a NICE subdivision.  A nice/new subdivision = smooth road/sidewalks.  Here is the route that I ended up running.

En route to running destination w/SwimTot.

Coach let me borrow his watch.

SwimTot and H happy to hang out.

I was scared to go!  SwimSis kept yapping and I told her I had to go right then because I wanted to be back in time for Glee! :)  If you are not familiar, it is a 5 min warm up walk, 60 seconds running, 90 seconds walking for 20 minutes (for the first day).  Here is how I felt:

5 min warm up walk: Nervous, walking out the regular hip and/or knee discomfort.
1st min running: I'm doing it!  I'm doing it!  Yay!  Oh, a minute already?
Mins 2-5 running: Oh em gee.  People who subject themselves to running are masochists.  This is terrible, I'm fairly certain I walk faster than I run.  But you can just do 1 more.  1 more and you can be done!
Minute 6 running:  Oh, I guess this may or may not be too terrible.
Minute 7 running: I can't believe the mom SwimSis is babysitting for is 6 months pregnant and barely showing.  I guess that's what you get for having your own pilates DVD.  Oh wait...running again? Psh!
Minute 8 running: Oh em gee oh em gee nearly done, nearly back.  Did I really do all of that?  Disbelief!
I did it!
(Not my house.  Too nice.  Slightly amused by the giant (4ft) fork to the right)

What?  When I started I gave myself permission to stop early.  Guess I am still left holding that card!
Right after the walk/run I felt: Good!  I need of water and stretching.
10 minutes after: Terrible!  Tummy ache, headache, slight back ache.
An hour after: FANTASTIC!  I drank water, stretched, foam roller and ate. And was watching Glee.  Le Sigh :)

Just because I am not "a runner" does NOT mean "I cannot run".  Truth!

And finally, today is my mom's birthday.  She would be 58.  It's been a year and half since she's passed.  I miss her so much.  My soul often longs for her!  Here's a pic from SwimSis' baby shower (when she was prego w/SwimTot!)

And here is one about 8 months after that (just because she would be mad I put that first picture of her up there!):

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