Thursday, May 3, 2012

All Good Things

Must come to an end.

This could be bad news, but it's not!  I had been enjoying my indefinite vacation this week when I got a call.  The guy who they hired for the job I was temping "did not work out".  So I'm going back tomorrow for 4-8 weeks!  haha the 3 days that I have not been there were wonderful.  Full of relaxing, working out, and hanging with friends!  Although it is quite weird that I just said goodbye to everyone last Friday!

In the meantime, I spent too much money for my own good!  I got some new clothes and am very happy about them.  Always love find work pants that are less than $20, and when they need to be hemmed, it isn't a big deal or budget breaker!  My fave pair of work pants were about 6 inches too long.  I got them for $6 because people generally don't buy pants that need to be hemmed.  They are pretty much perfect otherwise.  Ooh and I got a dress!  I RARELY get dresses.  I only have 2 other dresses -- one from my sister's bachelorette party and one from her wedding! :)  It is a rare find to grab a dress that can tame my boobs and not make my stomach look pregnant or just generally terrible.

I decided to put my bento box idea on hold for now.  I got something else instead!
 [found it here]
I'll be honest.  My other "workout pants" which are yoga pants from target, involve me pulling them up about every 5 steps if I am walking/running.  I have the problem of a big stomach and that makes my pants go south (big stomach combined with no butt!) and my shirts go north.  So, I desperately needed something that I wouldn't have to worry about.  I wanted to take a pic of them on me, but felt embarrassed to ask the Coach, so I asked SwimTot.  Oh yes, photography by a 4 year old:

Obviously those did not work super well, so I had to go to my old method:  Balance my size 11.5s on the edge of the tub and get a shot in the bathroom mirror:

Okay, maybe her pics were better - haha!  I walked for 1/2 hour on the treadmill and did my strength training in these and they were great!  The only bad part was when I was doing hip adduction and abduction and they seemed to fit funny in the crotch at that moment.  But if that was the worst thing, then I will take it!

When I came home, I had a delicious taco salad with a little spanish rice and potato salad.  I only had potato salad because I was excited that it was 1/2 off.  I did have to put more mustard on it (which is what looks like a piece of macaroni)  just not tangy enough!

Today I wore this shirt because of my friend Erin who had thyroid surgery.  She has these v neck tees from Target in every color!  Her surgery took 7 hours (4 hours was planned) and she ended up losing 1/3 of her blood!  She had to have a blood transfusion this morning, so please pray for her if you are the praying kind!

Swimsuits in the sink!
I swam 2100 yards today after I dropped SwimTot off at preschool  Took me an hour.  It wasn't my favorite workout, it was hard, but good.  The main set involved sprints with longer rests after them.  Here was the workout to my best knowledge:

3 x 150 yds on 2:30, 2:20, 2:10 (I'm pretty sure I added a minute to each of those times!)
200 IM pull
4 x 75 kick on 1:15
4 x 25 - 15 yds fast

1 x 50 butterfly kick on back, focus on kicking underwater from wall (I later changed to 2 x 50)
4 x 25 FAST on 1:00
1 x 50 free, easy on 1:30

100 Individual Medley (I.M.)
100 Cool Down choice

I may not have gotten the yardage right.  I always have a hard time counting my yards when I am swimming!

That makes 5 workout days in a row!  Go me!  I am taking a "rest" day tomorrow because I am going to work them watch my fave lil man. 


  1. Ah! How great that you get to work there more! Also, 5 days in a row is brilliant work!

    (And I have to say that I love that you included those blurry pictures too :D )

  2. Thanks for commenting encouraging things and often! I appreciate it!