Monday, May 7, 2012

Best Exercise Week Thus Far!

You know you always look at thin celebrities and think "I could do that if I had a personal trainer"  or "I could look like that if I didn't work for months at a time".  Well folks, my 3 days off of work sort of put that into perspective.  Wow, what I could do when I wasn't working!  So much more energy to work out!  Let me market that into a weight loss route:  Lose weight fast!  Quit your job, have someone watch your kids, sleep late, workout, eat (somewhat) well.  I'll be a millionaire in no time!

But in all seriousness, working out has been going really well!  Here is what I have done in the past...9 days:

Sunday (4/29): 50 minute walk while pushing toddler in stroller
Monday: 50 min swim, 2250 yds.
Tuesday: Appt w/wellness coach.  Circuit/Strength training and 16 min/1 mile walk/run (with 6:29 mins of actual running)
Wednesday: 25 min walk on treadmill, circuit/strength training.
Thursday: 1 hr swim, 2100 yds.
Friday: Work from 8am-10:15pm (job + babysitting).  No workout other than toddler snuggles.
Saturday: 31 min walk on treadmill, circuit/strength training.
Sunday (5/6): 1.5 hrs of "doubles tennis" with sisters and dad.
Monday: 23 min walk on treadmill, circuit/strength training, 16 min/1 mile walk/run (with 7:01 mins of actual running!)

Something like 369 mins of activity, not counting circuit/strength.  That's so fabulous for me!  This was one of my goals in my wellness appointment, to make working out a part of my life.  So far, so good!

I want to listen to my body and rest when it tells me to.  And be more active when it tells me to, too!  This evening I felt quit energized after the treadmill and circuit/strength.  I had been feeling slightly off at some points in the workout, but told myself to listen up!  Go hard when it felt good, slow down when it didn't.

I hadn't played tennis in many years.  High school gym class?  There was an obvious reason I stuck to swimming -- not much coordination with the racket and the ball!  I felt like i was chasing down A LOT of balls (good exercise!).  Near the end we joked that we were not only playing on court 8, but also 7 and 9.  Highlights (for me) included my improvement on my back hand, keeping the ball alive till we got it over the net (this is where playing on other courts factored in!), and also not being aware of my surroundings, chasing a ball, successfully hitting it, and then striking a light pole all in one swift movement.  Yep, got the attention of all the tennis players there, lol!

Venus and Serena before the match (SwimSis and me!)
Sweaty and muscley after my workout/run tonight!


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