Friday, May 11, 2012

Man, this workout was tiring!

*Possible TMI Warning!*
Last night, I wanted to do both the strength training circuit and swim.  But in which order?  If I swam first, I would not want to put a bra on aftewards (and I did not pack one anyway as I brought a sweatshirt to wear home and straight to bed!).  If I did strength training first, I might be tired during the swim.  So I just went ahead and did strength training.  I did not have to wait for any machine!  The gym was quite empty, as oppposed to the same time on Monday when every treadmill was being used!  I have not felt tired after my circuit, so I decided to amp things up a bit.  And wouldn't you know it, after 6480 pounds lifted, I was tired.  My legs, oh my legs!  At that point, I knew this swim wasn't going to feel the best, but I went ahead and did it anyway.  Here is what I did:
Warm up: 300 drill (I did 150 swim/150 drill)
4x50 on :55 sec
4x50 on :65 sec
4x50 on :75 sec
(Don't let the 50s fool you!  They nearly killed me!  I was making them on 50-53ish.  Not much of a break at the beginning!)
200 kick, choice
4 x 25 w/:15 sec rest
25 Butterfly + 75 Backstroke
25 Butterfly + 75 Breastroke
25 Butterfly + 75 Freestyle
100 IM
4 x 50 your least fave stroke (breastroke)
4 x 50 your fave stroke (backstroke)
2 x 50 timed (which I turned into a cool down)

Apparently that is 2100 yards, not 2200.  Well, could have been 2150, I lost count on the last pull of the 50s.
Today has been a crap shoot in terms of food.  I had a coupon for BOGO breakfast sandwiches at McDs (why do I do this to myself???) and in addition to those I got a fruit and yogurt parfait. 
So work was going well and I ate one sandwich.  And in the back of my mind, I knew that other one was in the fridge.  What was that?  Is my stomach saying I'm hungry???  Well hop on over the the fridge!  Down sandwich #2.   Merely 30 seconds later (It could have been like 5 mins, idk.  But it was a short amount of time)  a co-worker stopped in and said there had been a meeting this morning that was catered and there was leftover fruit and bagels.  Really?  What kind of a person would I be if I skipped free fruit?  And bagels sounded nasty anyway.  Well, I mean, as long as they don't have "garden" or "veggie" cream cheese (FAVORITE!).  I mosey on over there and behold -- other pastries besides bagels.  Ignore it Em!  Oh, what's in this little bowl?  Single servings of garden cream cheese?  MUST HAVE.  I got garden cream cheese, fresh pineapple (swoon!), a bunch of grapes, and -- almost a bagel.  I saw half a croissant.  It had the possibility of having chocolate in it.  I got that instead.  No chocolate, messy croissant.  duh I ate all of it and no it wasn't good. 
And now it's like 1:30pm.  Pineapple and some grapes are left, I have salmon and zucchini&squash in the fridge along with a mango.  When will I be hungry for those?  When will I eat the good stuff? Hmph.  Hopefully for dinner or a late lunch.  SwimSis asked if I wanted to go to the local minor league baseball game.  I don't.  There are several reasons which I will list for anyone who reads this:  1) They are going to eat out. 2) I'll have to find something to wear.  3) Most of my clothes are dirty.  4) I am tired.  5) I don't want to spend the money.  6) I've gone to 2 games before and had amazing seats.  How can I top that? 7) I am obviously whiny. 
I'm hoping to find and charge my rechargable batteries.  I feel bad I have them (although they are MIA) and I have been using regular batteries which are expensive!  Hopefully I will have some pictures soon!

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