Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Confessions

Confession #1:  When it comes down to it, I'm a lazy person.

I love laying in bed and watching Netflix.  I love to be super slammed kinda busy occasionally, but I just like to take life slow.  When working, I go out of my way to make sure I am not perceived as a lazy person.  I work the hardest so no one can call me what I really am.  This isn't self-deprecating, just true.  When I was unemployed in that other midwestern city, I had no money to go anywhere or do anything.  No working car.  So I stayed home.  For a month.  If I was hungry, Taco Bell was just around the block as was a drug store that had a large food section.  I'd load up with some good stuff -- salad stuff, but also ice cream.  Lots and lots of ice cream.  What else was I going to do all day but eat, watch NCIS on Netflix, and hope that an employer would call me back?  Lord only knows how much weight I put on during that time!

Confession #2:  I need balance in my nutrition.

I'm not "cured" of my old habits, but am improving.  I made these for lunch this week:

Spring rolls with yummy saucess
Roasted Veggies

Yes, the same thing for lunch, every day this week.  Good in theory, bad in practice.  Even on Tuesday I did not want what I had!  I ate lunch, had yogurt in the afternoon, then order pizza for dinner.  Same thing with today.  Super healthy lunch, yogurt and fruit for a snack, leftover pizza for dinner.  I REALLY need to get an appointment with the nutritionist, and possibly a therapist, geez!

Confession #3:  I am not happy school is out for the summer around here.  Yesterday, someone caught the apartment dumpster on fire.  This morning, I go out to my car and I see this:

Oh yes, vandals took my nobs to my radio!!!  It still works, but I was pissed!  My '89 doesn't lock (actually, it does lock, I just can't get it open after it locks!), so they just let themselves in.  You cant access the gas tank or the trunk without the key in the ignition, so they didn't take anything else.  Car seat was left in there, headphones, registration and insurance papers.  All there in their same places.  And this is a neighborhood where people leave bikes outside, strollers, grills, etc. Ugh.

Today I topped 1000 workout minutes for the month!!! Hot dog! :) hehe


  1. Oh wow. You described me. If it was left up to me, I would lay on the couch and watch Netflix for the rest of my life!!! I get sucked into one tv show and want to watch all the seasons in a row! And how much does that suck about the vandals?! That just stinks!

    1. I'm watch Grey's Anatomy right now! Drama is so addicting! Especially when it is not in your own life :) And the eye candy doesnt hurt!

  2. I snickered when reading that you think you are lazy and then see the part where you exercised 1000 minutes. Oy. You know you SHOULD record how many laps you are doing. You might be amazed how far you go and how much you improve. Consider swimming the fastest 50 you can and record the time each month. With all that exercise time you are racking up I bet the improvements will startle you. I heart spring rolls... especially with peanut sauce. Seriously, YUM!

    1. haha! I am lazy at the core being of me, but I know working out is good for me. Ah, the eternal struggle! yes I think I will record my 50 time and see how it progresses, great idea! I have only swam once this month, but I did write down the "yardage" for once. Thanks for the encouragment.