Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Still here, still crazy.

       As usual, my life has been crazy and boring all at the same time.  After 2 weeks off working out in April, I was soaring through May with as many workouts as I could fit in.  I was swimming, running, strength training, recumbent biking, and even something new – rowing machines!  I was tired.  Okay, I was EXHAUSTED.  I wasn’t getting enough sleep, but I was trying.  My workouts made me feel good, so feeling tired was an okay thing to happen. 

       Then, one day I tracked my calories.   It wasn’t a good day because I had to eat my snacks for breakfast (woke up late, almost late for work = no time to grab something healthyish at Starbucks).  I only had 620 calories before 6pm.  D-U-H.  No wonder I was exhausted!  SparkPeople told me that I need 1800-2100 cals a day right now.  I felt terrible, exhausted, and cranky, but I had an appointment at the Y (which ended up being less than ideal).  I felt great after the Y, but in the ended up with about 1250 cals, still not the “fuel” that I need.  I really need to see a nutritionist! 

    Last Thursday I babysat and had no time for the gym.  Friday rolled around.  I knew after Saturday afternoon, there wouldn’t be another chance to workout this weekend.  On Friday, some $#@! Hit the fan at work and my emotions made me want to crawl in a hole and sleep till my problems were over (my fave method of ignoring my feelings is def sleep!).  Friday I came home and decided to take a nap and I could run outside when I woke up.  Well it was dark when I woke up (and I didn’t feel anymore caught up on sleep L) .  Saturday I slept in, and when I decided to go for a run, it was already 77 degrees.  Sick! So no workout then.  From being so inside/air-conditioning to outside/heat&humidity, I got a cold, or at least the cold that I was getting was more pronounced due to these circumstances.   I also ate lots of sugary stuff and felt physically terrible because of it!  Monday, I was still too sick to workout.  Although I did have a great dance when I found the “multi-symptom relief, night time” medicine.  Okay, it was a song AND dance that SwimTot had me repeat because she found it so amusing.  Yesterday I had dinner w/friends.  But today, today I will swim!!!  I’ve already had my bag packed since last Thursday, so I will pick up SwimTot, put her in childcare, swim my workout I printed out last week, and then retrieve her from childcare to go splash around some more.
     Last week I had some of the hardest workouts thus far.  No joke.  Felt super nauseous while swimming.  I like challenging workouts like that.  I just need to find that balance!  But you can be sure I'll post on how I do!

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