Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Wellness Appointment!

Things went so WELL (bahaha I <3 puns!) this morning!  Karen was indeed a wonderful lady.  Around 50ish, enthusiastic, motivating and accommodating.  She didn't even seem to notice the nice bloody knee I had from shaving beforehand in the Y shower! (SwimTot had to be at the Y preschool and 9, my appt was at 9:30 = a quick shave so as to not offend someone with hairy legs the first time I meet them.  Essentially a fail as I failed to notice my bleeding knee) She had me fill out some quick surveys and took some of my info.  Then it was on to goal setting.

Uh, if I knew there was a Q & A about important/seemingly easy things like goals, I would have come up with something beforehand!

Durh, durh, durh.  That's the sound of my brain moving slowly trying to make something up.  haha I made 2 long term goals.  1 was to make exercise and regular part of my life and 2 was to try exercises that are out of my comfort zone.  After some more Q&A it was out to the "floor".

She asked if I would rather focus on cardio equipment or weight equipment.  I've done most of the treadmills and bikes and honestly a lot of other things (rowing machines, stair climbers, etc) were full.  I said weight machines because they are kind of confusing (Where does my foot go?  How do I move this seat?) And she set me up on a system that tracks all of my weight machine reps and settings.  So when I go to a machine and type in my number, it will tell me the settings of the seat, the number of reps I should do, and the weight I should have it at!  Wow technology!  I set an appointment for 2 weeks out too (uh, I love the Y -- this is free!)

After our appt, I knew I wanted to do more activity, but like I said yesterday, the morning is SO busy at the Y!  I drove home, and knew the conditions were perfect (aka slightly windy, overcast and cool, but not cold) I left my stuff in the car, grabbed my watch out of my bag and headed out for my nearly 1 mile route.  Does anyone else feel weird when they do weights?  Like tired, but still energized?  Instead of starting C25K AGAIN, I decided run at a good rate for as long as I felt comfortable, as opposed to set 1:00 run, 1:30 rest x 8 (which would end up to be more than my mile).  My first run time was 1:15 and by the end I pushed myself to 1:30.  It felt great!  I chose to note the time that I started on my mile and just time the instances where I was running.  Overall, I was hoping for 18 mins, which was a previous PR of walking (haha so slow compared to any running bloggers!).  I ended up doing my mile in 16 minutes!  And 6:29 of that was running! Holla!

There were only 2 things I would have done differently.  1) Body Glide.  Dear God, this is why people mostly PLAN runs, not so much impromptu.  2) Worn my earbuds to make people think I was listening to music.  This lady checking her mailbox said something to me which I replied "Hi", which obviously was not the right response :)  Then she said something about joining me.  lol I can't hear anything over my heavy breathing!  I walked a couple of minutes cool down and could not bring myself to foam roll.  Getting on the floor might mean not getting back up!  Here are some pics!

16 minutes!  Sorry my hand looks deformed!
I'm a spiller!
Yeah my family always chides me about spilling stuff.  Especially on my boobs.  Can't help it!

After that I picked my dearest SwimTot up from preschool and we went for a swim!  Loove her and I love swimming!  I forgot to pick up a towel from the front desk, so we headed back out and found my brother at the Subway in the Y!  Apparently SwimSis had forgotten to tell him I was going to pick her up today.  Eek! 

This evening I babysat for a while and just chilled at home.  SwimSis&Co went to Starbucks.  Which is silly.  She doesn't really like anything but hot coffee.  She got a frappacuino (sry for my spelling!) and she swore it tasted like straight milk, which she hates.  Of course I couldn't say no.

Super photogenic...

 Now I've got to get caught up -- on my blog reading!  (You know how some ladies have to watch their "shows", like soap operas?  I think that's what blogs are to me) I am only 1 day behind now.  Imagine that, while I had a job, I kept up my blog reading and now that I don't have a job, I'm behind :)

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  1. I'm a spiller too! I had a slice of watermelon at the story today and spilled all over my white top. Lovely pink stains. Sexy :D