Monday, April 30, 2012

Feeling like part of my life is on track

In my last post, I said my sister and I would definitely go to the Y that night.  I lied.  BUT I did get some exercise in!  I wanted to go on a walk and asked who would want to go with me.  Only SwimTot wanted to tag along.  But only if she could ride in the stroller.  I was initially annoyed, but remembered my days of pushing two kids in a double jogging stroller (sidenote:  can I just get a double jogging stroller and take random children for rides?  I loved pushing it, especially because the handle is so wide across, compared to a single stroller which is basically arms straight out).  SwimSis does not own a jogging stroller, only a regular one!  So I loaded SwimTot in and away we went on our 0.98 mile route!  It felt pretty good, minus the transitions from curb to street oh and that terribly steep, yet short hill -- I was feeling it!

Workout #19 down!  And here's the pic to prove it:

Oh the quality of a camera from 2006!
Friday was my last full day at my temp job -- bittersweet!  But I left early to go hang out with this guy:

What is that thing?

Not liking my suggestion of sticking out our tongues.
He is a sweet little guy, but uses the word "no" to his advantage.  And he asked where his mama was like 92833892 times!  When I watched him a couple of weeks ago, he waddled all the way down their driveway to give me a hug goodbye!

I always struggle to eat well when I babysit because people usually have goodies that I never buy!  However, I feel pretty good about these choices:

Veggie Straw and Hummus

Salmon Burger with some Mac and Cheese
Totally could have done a lot worse!

Saturday I didn't do much.  Well...shopped online but hey I'm excited, we will see what I end up keeping!  I'm hoping this one skirt is as adorable as it seems.  Also, a pair of Reebok workout capris, I hope they end up looking good!

On Sunday I was back with my little guy:

 About to strut right out the front door and onto the cover of GQ, right?!?

I decided to take him to the playground (yay jogging stroller, boo single jogging stroller), but instead of walking the 0.25 miles there, I went the opposite way on a loop and sort of did an out and back.  What's that?  WORKOUT #20?!????  Oh yeah, a goal accomplished!!!  I did 2.31 miles in 50 minutes.  I will award myself a bento box that I have been promising and hopefully that is soon!

Well, now that I an unemployed, I get to do fun stuff like take SwimTot to school or daycare.

I dropped her off, got gas and headed to the Y for a swim.  Holy freaking cow...the Y is so crowded at 10:30am!!!  So many seniors, mommas and their babies!  Oh suburbs...

I hoped in the water at 10:45am and started on a set I had written down from my swimming book. 

200 free
100 IM (individual medley = all the strokes)
4 x 50 kick, on 1:15
all of that twice

(who in their right mind puts butterfly the second thing on a warm up???  masochist!  after 1 round of that I was tired!  and those 50s kick -- no joke!  I was making them on 1:10 = little time to rest)

12 x 50 kick out to or past the flags freestyle/backstroke on 1:15
(I usually kick out to the flags, but this time I tried to get further than I normally do)

8 x 25 on :55, your best stroke, focus on technique
(I focused on technique a lot in the 50s, I decided to do IMs and do them HARD.  It wasn't pretty but felt strong)

5 x 50 freestyle/backstroke

Total yards: 2250  Total Time:  55 minutes

Yay for actually finding and writing down a workout!  The rock is so my workout doesn't float away from my spot in the gutter.

I subtracted 5 minutes from the time to allow for my breaks or times between sets.  That's about a mile and a half, so it felt good to get that many yards in, but really I would not have come up with that on my own!!!  I got complimented on my stroke, which is always awkward, and this time by a lifeguard.  It's pretty much just awkward because I don't know how to respond beyond the normal "thank you".  :)

Then I had about 20 mins at home before heading back to the temp job to finish up a few things.  I grabbed some:

Chocolate milk! Straight out of the measuring cup!
 I also grabbed an apple and warmed up a microwave meal to take with me.  I wasn't super hungry and didn't think I would be that long, so I  just left the meal in the car with the windows down. haha.  Well, the boss didn't show up until an hour after she was supposed to!  And I was there for 3 hours total, so that meal totally did not happen!  I was so hungry and would have LOOOVED to scarf some nasty drive thru food, but I knew better (along with the guilt I am carrying around from 90% off Easter chocolate -- dangit CVS!).  SwimTot had left some goldfish in my car (see above pic of her for the goldfish!), so I had those and had a meal planned out for when I got home.

BBQ chicken and a mango! Yum!

I also had to throw some chicken into the crock pot quickly for dinner.  And when it came down to it, this is what ended up happening:

So late!
Ugh, I only had chocolate milk and goldfish before 5pm?  Not right!  I def ate a full meal 3 hrs later!

I have an appointment with a "wellness coach" tomorrow morning.  I think that is code for personal trainer, but hey it is free!  I'm hoping someone named "Karen" can't be too terrible, but I will find out!

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