Saturday, June 2, 2012

May in Review

I feel like May went SOOO quickly!  Here are some things I accomplished:

That says I completed over 1000 workout minutes!

-I had 20 days of working out in May!

In 20 days, I did:

-run/walk: 13.71 miles (combination of treadmill and outdoor)

-row machine: 28 mins (2 rowing sessions of 2000m. i beat my first time by 26 seconds!)

-recumbent bike: 90 mins total

-strength circuit: 8 times (that last day that I lifted my total was 22,625lbs!)

-splash around with SwimTot twice total treading time 26 mins

-swim laps: 268 mins (I should have recorded how many yards/miles that was!)

-play tennis 90 mins

-Lost 5 pounds!

I feel so amazing about May and exercise!  One of my goals is to make exercise a regular part of my life and I think May was a success on that matter!

My other big goal was to try something new.  I did rowing and tennis!  I had done both before, but not for many, many years (let's say somewhere between 10 and 15 years ago!)


-My time management sucks.  I usually came home from work, checked fb, blogger, etc for 45mins and then would head to the Y.  An efficient Em would have her stuff packed and go straight there from work!

-I need to work on my nutrition.  For me, adding exercise is a lot easier than working on my nutrition.  I need to get a nutritionist as well as a swift kick in the ass.

-I can do stuff!  Before I started exercising, I held myself back from a lot of activities where I thought I would not be able to accomplish anything.  One thing that is just random that jumps out at me is that I used to say I NEVER ran in airports to catch my flight -- the last time I did some speed walking and was the very last person they let on the plane!

-I am, and should be, proud of myself.  I rock!  1000 fitness minutes?  All star!  Now speed and endurance?  That's a work in progress!  Even when people look at me funny when I mention working out or going to the Y (hey, I'm 270 pounds, I don't really look like a person who goes to the Y!) I just shrug it off because I know how hard I have worked.

Who's excited for June?  I can't wait to see what this month has in store, I have a lot of exciting things happening!

And here are a random assortment of pictures I would like to get off of my camera:

Foggy Morning!

I can't believe people that that much to fill up!

Coffee + Hot Chocolate = Treat at work!

My grocery haul one week

Is there such a thing as too many peas?  No!

There was a BYOC question the other week on products for your hair.  I didn't answer the questions, but I did document a fairly normal hair routine.

Step 1:  Wake up.  I had showered after swimming the night before, but not brushed my hair.
Morning person?  Not so much!

Step 2:  Brush the hair.  And hang up still wet suits from the night before.

Step 3:  Straighten, make weird face at camera, head out the door.

This not so good for you trail mix saved me from starving/heading out for fast food one day. 
Hero trail mix!
This poptart was smushed, but delicious.
I like these bangles, 2 pics in a row!

This was my snack several days this week.  Strawberry yogurt plus blueberries and peaches/mandarin oranges.  The only drawback was licking the leftover on the lid and it straight up tasted like soap.  I'm glad it was clean, but ewwww!  That happen to anyone else?


  1. You're kicking butt on the workouts! That is awesome. 1000 minutes?! You are rocking it!!!