Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summah tiiiiime, and the livin is eeeeeeezay

Whew, what  a weekend!  I am still wiped out!

I had already had 2 rest days last week (sunday and wednesday), so I didn't want any more!  I took my workout clothes and planned on squeezing a little something in here or there.  On Friday, at like 11pm I did a short little 1 mile bike ride with TeenSwimSis (yes, on the small bike!).  It was so humid and still hard minus the hills that I was sweaty after 10 minutes!  But exercise is exercise!

Saturday I went to TeenSwimSis' swim meet.  She won a couple of events, but then again, the competition field was small.  It was at the pool where I worked for like 6 summers as a lifeguard during most of my high school/college days.  LOADS of memories.  But mainly glad I don't have to clean that place anymore - sick!  I got some Subway, rested for an episode of I love Lucy, and then started on the garage.  Our father's day present to my dad - cleaning and organizing the garage!  And seriously, it was ALMOST straight out of an episode of Hoarders, minus any vermin.

Here are some before pics:

Parts of 3 different couches!

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!  Which was my exclamation several times.
 Oy!  We spent 4 1/2 hrs doing that on Saturday.  Got one side, the back and the middle cleaned out.  The only part that was left was what you see along the wall with the window in the bottom picture.  We were sweating so bad!  No planned exercise that day, I was probably sweating more than I would have if I had gone on a run!  And really, a lot of stuff was mine.  The summer after I graduated college, I was going to work at a camp and had a little over a week to hang out and pack up my apt.  Well, they called me and said someone had to drop out of a leadership position for medical reasons and wanted to know if I would like that job for the summer - but I had to report to camp in 2 days!  But I wasn't even in my college town!  I went back to the college town and packed as best as I could, and my dad came and got the big stuff when I was at camp.  Consequently, everything got shoved in the back of the garage!  And in case you were wondering?  It was probably the hardest and best summer of my life :)

That night we hung out at the lake, chatted, tried to convince my newly graduated from college cousins to go on a bar crawl in our small town (they declined - weenies!), and ate a gourmet meal.  Okay, it may not have been, but it tasted like it.  My aunt who has been obese for a long time and is the main food maker of the get togethers has lost at least 50 pounds!  Amazing!  She always cooked pretty healthy before, but now things were determinedly healthy.  We had chicken breast stuffed with asparagus, salad greens with vinaigrette, this amazing little bake of squash, onions, tomatoes, some mozzerella and basil - so delicious!, brown rice, and I can't remember what else!  Freaking fantastic.  I ate a full plate and went back for a little more salad and rice.  But when we left, I was hungry again!  I guess I burned more calories than I thought while garage cleaning.  Subsequently, I stopped at Taco Bell late night for a chicken quesadilla and nachos and cheese.  Definitely could have made a better choice there!

Sunday it was MORE garage cleaning.  SwimSis always thinks projects will go fast.  I always think they will take for freaking ever.  Usually, we're somewhere in the middle (see: painting TeenSwimSis' room a couple of months back)

Making the room look cute = easy.  Getting her to clean = nearly impossible!
We got some things we needed at Lowes, Kmart, AND Walmart and then were back on the job for at least 3 more hours.  Lots more sweating, but we got everything sorted through that we wanted to and have a good amount ready for a garage sale next month (that's when after pictures will come!).  We had to hurry to the lake to meet up with the fam again, but someone (me!) had to make the fruit bowl.  SwimSis decided on watermelon, grapes, farmer's market blueberries, and strawberries.  I chopped and sliced and we were on our way! 

When we got there most everyone was out on the lake, skiing or just enjoying a boat ride.  I decided to sit my booty on the porch with a big red solo cup of mimosa!  When I had thoroughly enjoyed that, I donned my swimsuit, frowned at how my stomach looked, shrugged it off, and swam out to meet everyone (the allotted time for skiing and tubing was over at this point).  The fam towed a platform to the middle of the lake and were jumping off/general merriment.  I never got on the platform (no ladder and not enough upper body strength!) or the boat (why boat when you can swim?).  When it was time to go in, I swam back to shore with some cousins.  I was swimming for 30-45 mins.  When I was swimming out there by myself, I was working up a sweat - or would have been had I not been in the water!

That night we had a cookout, celebrated the grads, enjoyed some old photo albums and took a fam picture.

Good Looking bunch!
That's me on the left!  We left late and didn't get home till 12:15am.  I drove the whole 2 hrs home, got up Monday morning and felt pretty good all day!  Pilates was good, but hard.  Same teacher as last week, but smaller class so she was able to correct me more.  At one point she asked if my back hurt from the way I was doing something.  It wasn't, so I said no.  Then today - duh, duh duuuh - aching back.  Stupid self-fulfilling prophecies! :)  haha

And of course I had to snack on the left over fruit salad!

Super fancy bowl/zip lock bag.

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  1. Doesn't that sounds like a great time. Nice to hear you did not opt out because you did not like your tum in your suit.

    That room. SO PINK! Love it!