Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lots of family time this weekend!

This weekend is father's day and let me tell you, I have one cool daddio.

Actually he's the kind where your friends think he is funny, but you just roll your eyes at him.

He calls out "SAT" when he sees a girl with "Skanky Ass Tattoos", which have included the likes of my brother girlfriend(s).

He can quote movies like no other, and then quiz me on what movie it is from.

I hope to scan one of my favorite pics of him soon.  It's not a good picture, but him and my mom let a budding photographer take their pictures in the 70s when he was just starting out.  Let me tell you how "cool" my dad looks standing with his forearm resting on a tree, smoking a cigarette! haha

And we are having an extended family get together.  2 sets of aunt and uncles bought/built lake houses 5 apart from each other :)  I'm excited because my cousins are a hoot.  The middle of the pack cousins have just graduated high school (I'm the oldest).  But my immediate family was always sort of the black sheep of sorts.  Especially when it came to money.  My parents never really got a grip on that, while the rest of the extended family always had loads.  And then there's the "in shape" thing.  Out of my entire extended family (on my mom's side) only 1 person besides my immediate family members is obese, even overweight. 

The rest are in shape, but most are very athletic.  Ironman, Bodybuilder, Collegiate Athletes.  That's where you get posts like this:

Luckily, it won't scare me off this summer!  I'm totally up for some lake swimming.  I'm just slightly afraid of fish, being slow, and the fact that I always have some water in my mouth when I am swimming in a pool.  That will be a rude awakening!  I'll let everyone know how it goes!

Tonight SwimSis and myself did the 5K route (and easily under an hour!).  It was hard because I wasn't into it.  And if I want someone to push me, I want it to be myself, not my little sister!  I was cracking her up at one point because, you know, I had the farts.  And then again in the homestretch I started, maturely, quoting Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies in reference to taking a poo.  Obviously I am the oldest :)

Guess that movie quoting thing did get inherited from my dad!

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  1. I am so glad I come from and married into a pile of slackers. They are all thin (damn them) but incredibly lazy beer drinking lazes.

    I hate when I fart in my soot and it decides to bubble its way out of my suit via the front part of my neck hole.