Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I won a blog giveaway (last month)!!!

Oh, yes I did!

Not just any giveaway.

Snickiddy Snacks!!!

Shelley over at My Journey to Fit was able to try these same snacks and give some away!

Here's what I received last Monday:

Baked "Cheddar Cheese Fries", Eat Your Vegetables - Sea Salt, and Grilled Cheese Puffs

Oh, and  A $25 WHOLE FOODS GIFT CARD!!!  Here's a totally 90's BOOYAH! :)

Myself and my dearest niece SwimTot had a go at them.

My Favorite!

She gives them 2 thumbs up!

Would I buy them again?

Baked Cheese Fries:  Maybe if they were on sale.  They weren't great when compared to the others, but as a side after Saturday's bike ride, they were fantastic.

Eat Your Vegetables - Sea Salt:  Only if they were in single serving packages.  Waaaay to easy to take the whole bag down!  They tasted like Friday''s Baked Potato Skin Chips, minus the flavoring.  Def fried.

Grilled Cheese Puffs: Absolutely!  SwimTot was unsure at first, but she came into my room 2 times that week when she was supposed to be in bed asking me to get her the cheese balls :)  Kid pleaser for sure.

As for the $25 gift card from Whole Foods, who knows!  I am rarely close to a Whole Foods.  I used to live less than a mile from one and enjoyed their pizza, tomato bisque, and vegan popcorn chicken (who doesn't love something deep fried?).  Anyone have any recommendations on stuff to get?  Honestly, the only thing I would go there for would be that tomato bisque if I had a craving, or raw honey to put in everything my tea.  Suggestions are definitely welcome!

PS My one Wednesday Confession: I was a FroYo virgin until today!  I have not really had a chance to try any FroYo places, but I saw a new one opened up on my way home from work (ruh roh!).  16 flavors?!?  Amazing!  I got pistachio and Irish Mint, but will definitely get peach tomorrow next time.

My toppings were:  sprinkles and nuts (always my #1 and #2 when getting ice cream), some marshmallow syrup (eh) and some candy pieces (I have no idea what they are).  The old me got some FroYo, but the new me didn't finish it all.  Oh yeah!  Well, I probably sample 5 flavors while in the store too!

And I got my nails did!  Manicurist was a little batty, but they turned out alright.  Solid Wednesday!

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  1. Pretty nails :-)

    I'm not a huge fan of chips but I like to try anything that says sea salt how odd right?

    Glad you enjoyed some FroYo and you were able to save some for later. Yay to little achievements!!!