Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Round of Wednesday Confessions aka Weirdo Wednesday!

1.  Sometimes I am so sleepy driving home that I wish my car would break down so I could nap right then and there. 
This was the case yesterday.  I knew I needed a rest day either Tues, Weds, or Thurs.  I kept trying to talk myself into planning on some type of exercise for the evening hours, but with my 40,000 yawns and almost putting my car in park at a stoplight so I could rest my eyes safely, I decided a rest day it was.  In my bed.  With a nap.  Like a 3 hour nap.  I didn’t wake up until after 9 when SwimSis, SwimTot, and the Coach (who recently got a new coaching job!) came home.
2. I’m an elevator dancer as of late.
In the past couple of weeks, whenever I am on the elevator at work, alone, I get my groove on!  Seriously, as soon as those doors shut, I just shake it, fist pump, put my hand in the air like I’m hitting a high note, etc.  It feels like the first time I ran.  I was just walking and then my body told me to start running.  Same here, just standing there and I HAVE to move!  Sadly, there is no music in the elevators.  I hope to God there are no cameras either!

3.  I’m still getting the hang of blogging at a proper amount/rate.
Somedays  I feel like I have nothing to talk about.  Others I do, but want to save them up for a good post, and end up having too much to post at once.  I would love to go into detail soon about my exercise so far this month, the Snikiddy snacks that I won from Shelley at My Journey to Fit, and how I bought new workout pants because I didn’t have time to wash my other ones.  And by no time I mean I was watching the marathon of the Hatfields and McCoys series.  Seriously good!


  1. Wait. I consider number three a tease. You won snickity snacks?

    I am guessing the elevator is equipped with a camera. THAT makes me smile Continue to fist pump.

  2. I'm working from home today to recover/watch part 3 of the Hatfields and McCoys! Cute post. :)

    1. The story and the show were good, but the lighting was AMAZING. I don't know much of anything but I loved any scene where the sun was spilling through a dark place!