Friday, June 8, 2012

I wrote a nice, long post and then...

So at work I wrote this whole long post about my workouts and life, etc. 

Then someone came by my desk and I had to act like I was doing work.

The entire post got deleted.

All the funny, interesting, witty things about my week (read: trying to make boring look cool) were gone.


Work karma!

Anyway, I'd write it all again, except it's a million past midnight.  I'm getting up at 7, packing some more, leaving at 8 for my dad's/SwimSis' house.  Picking her up/dropping my stuff off, then heading to a state park.  We are doing some cycling (uh, why is the paved path "moderate" but the mountain bike trail "beginner"?  That worries me!).  And the some swimming.  And possibly some running to make it a fake triathlon. I already packed a healthy lunch because after that we are going home, cleaning up, going to an open house, then to a wedding, then to a movie (Men in Black 3) with my dad.

So that pretty much has me booked all day from 7am to midnight.  Who's idea was this?  Oh yeah, mine!

So until then, I will leave you with this:

I timed my 50 yard? freestyle today: 47 seconds.  My best ever time? 30.
I swam a swimmer's mile.  My time: 32:51. That's pretty much a PR because no one really races that before college (and I didn't compete in college). 
It's cool because:  I can't even run a mile.
Now I am: tired.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. That is so terrific that you completed a mile. Really great to have a baseline for comparison.

    I get depressed when my stuff goes by by. I try to recreate it but it loses its specialness... like repeating a joke without any voice inflection.

    I will imagine what you did as completely awesome!

    1. Ugh, yeah the feeling sucks. Guess it wasn't meant to be (but I wish it was!).

  2. This has nothing to do with your post per se, but one of my goals in life is to learn to swim with my face in the water AND master those in the water flip turn things. One day. :)

    1. Do it!!!! Get comfy with your face in the water, then make sure you master breathing in through your mouth, but out your nose. That will help in SO many areas, but especially the flip turns. They are easy to get water up your nose. I would really throw you a flip turn party!