Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back at it!

The last time I swam that hard was probably in high school.  Okay, realistically it was college.  Anyway you slice it, it was at least 5 years ago. 

But it felt amazing.  Swimming has been a part of my life for so long.  Even when I went years without swimming, I would still have dreams about it at least once a month.  There is nothing else like the calm, noiselessness of swimming.  Just you, your thoughts, against the water, against yourself.  I missed it!

I believe swimming is the key to getting my life back to healthy and under control.  I have confidence in swimming, unlike any exercises on land.  As I did my workout yesterday, I felt so strong and powerful moving through the water.  I even got complimented by some dads that were in the lane next to me on my technique and flip turns!

I'm keeping a blog so I will have some accountability to keep up the steps toward health, that will, of course, include swimming!

Here are a few things that made my day:

 Amazingly delicious Croatian water.  I used to hate water, but now I can't get enough!  This particular water is in a glass bottle and has a pH of 7.4.  It makes me a water snob.  I never knew water could taste so "smooth"!

 Favorite shoes to wear to work!  Gold and sparkley!

I have the LEAST creative job on the planet.  I am a creative person.  This little bit of creativity made me long for a creative job!

I got a foam roller!!!!!  I kept seeing other people blog about them.  I found this one at WalMart for $14.97!  It hurt (the good kind!) and I didn't have my hair up so I rolled over my hair...mistake I won't be making next time! haha one of those situations I am glad no one else saw happen :)

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