Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekend plans

Hey yo!  I am cruising well into the weekend.  I had a planned Friday night full of family fun and food, but unfortunately, I ended up by myself until I could get some snuggle time with my niece.  Oh well, all hope is not lost!

This weekend I am making this recipe.  Don't worry, I'm not eating those 1010 calories!  I'm deep conditioning my hair!  My sister says it's gross, but hey, I'm cheap and this sounds like a lot of fun in the form of flashbacks to food fights!  Also on the hygiene route, I'm going to attempt to use this:

I normally don't buy such stuff, but it was $1.25, why not?

I'm also going to get ready for the next week food-wise.  I'm one of those people who needs to have a plan on what to eat or it's a bad thing! 

Going back to Friday, things were out of control from the get go!  One of my first thoughts (behind "Ugh, why is it so early?" and "OMG I'm glad that that dream that I was in the Hunger Games was not real") was "I'M SO THIRSTY!!!". 

Obviously I had not had enough to drink Thursday night even though I drank enough water at work that day.  So in my crazy head all I wanted to drink was pop.  Now, I have only had pop a handful of times this year.  So I decided upon McDonalds to get a pop.  And this is where my life turns into a new version of "If you give a Mouse a cookie".  Of course now that I'm on a mission to get a pop, I want something to eat to.  Literally all the way to work I was debating back and forth!  And then when I got to McDonalds by my work, I saw the magical word: BACON.  If there's one thing I rarely turn down, it is bacon.  So yes I got a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese biscuit and a pop.  Of course, it tasted terrible and I threw the pop out a little while later.  As for the sandwich, I was so hungry in such a short time!  Oy, McD's really sucks and it took me so long to figure it out!  I then went and had this that I made:

It is an English Muffin with sausage, 1/2 slice American cheese, and an egg bake consisting of eggs, mushrooms, sweet peppers, rainbow chard, and a splash of milk.  It was fantastic!  I made one for breakfast everyday and they kept me full for so long.  Definitely making these next week too!
I can't wait for Monday so I can get back in the pool!

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