Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Not cool, not cool.

Oh, those things that I was going to do over the weekend?  Yeah not much accomplished.  I am still planning on deep conditioning my hair at some point, but I have to ask myself "Is there ever a good time to put mayonnaise in your hair?".  I have yet to come up with an answer that includes "Yes". 

I wanted to go to swimming yesterday, but I had such a headache, I could hardly believe it!  It was my neck that was outta whack and I almost went home from work early, but I stuck it out.  However, swimming just wasn't in the cards.  I'm upset I didn't go now, but last night I just wanted to close my eyes and have my neck feel better when I woke up (it does!).

I had SwimSis and her SwimTot wanting to go to swimming too, but they got back from SwimTot's dance class late and the dinner that she planned took forever!  Paninis are delicious, but they do take a long time! 

I want to work on my nutrition and weight loss, but planning is such an essential part for me.  I have been super hungry the past could of days.  In the past week, I have to worry if I am bringing enough food to work to get me through the day.  I usually do, but might have to have some pita chips at the end of the day, on the way home.  A typical day at work (food-wise) usually looks like this:
-Hot water with lemon
-Breakfast sandwich from home
-Coffee w/hot chocolate or some other mix
-Lots of water
-Frozen meal plus some extra veggies
-Granola and milk/or yogurt

I do see that that is not a ton of food, but seriously.  Planning to take more makes me feel like I'm a weight lifter who has to take a lot of food where ever they go!

I do have a hard time buying fruits and veggies from the store due to the fact that I'm really not that creative (as in, I can't think of what to get because I don't know what to make).  Well, if I have it delivered, then I have to make something with it!  Yes, having produce delivered is pricy, but I like it!  In the past I have only had it delivered once every couple of months, but my last delivery was 3 weeks ago.  I got to try rainbow chard for the first time and it was great!  Makes me want to start "Try It, You'll Like It!" Tuesdays on this blog.  I think I might.  There are several things in this world that I have not tried, esp of the healthy variety! Yep, I've decided.  Good idea right there! 

Oh, and if you were wondering, the delivery service I use is Green Bean Delivery.  They are pretty fantastic!   Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!

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