Thursday, March 22, 2012

These Hips Don't Lie!


I've stepped up my game in the exercise department.  Tuesday, I swam with Swim Tot for 45 minutes.  Probably 30 of that was treading water in the deep end.  That kid loves swimming just like the rest of us!  No fear either...which may have caused me to have a talk with her about swim safety!  Never can get rid of that swim teacher inside of me.

I am housesitting till Sunday in a west suburb of the city.  Takes me a whole freaking hour to get to/from work, but that is okay!  I got to check out the newest YMCA in the city and holy freaking crap it is nice!  I was going to check out the water aerobics class (something I've never done), but when I called the idiot person who answered said there was no water aerobics that night, so I just decided to go lap swim.  When I got there...the lane was open, SCORE!  Here is what I did:

1 x 200 swim (150 freestyle, 50 backstroke)
1 x 150 kick
1 x 100 pull
1 x 100 easy swim

10 x 50 freestyle (1:30 x 4, 1:29 x 3, 1:28 x 3)

1 x 100 freestyle, easy

2 x 100 IM drill

1 x100 IM, hard
1 x 50 (25 Butterfly, 25 backstroke)

1 x 150 easy freestyle, backstroke cool down

then I did 10 minutes of treading water, including 2 minutes each just arms and just legs (w/hand out of water...ouch!).

If you count that up...1650 yards = 1 mile!  Yay!  That was my goal and I got it in because I had a plan of what to swim.  My most common problem is being bored/doing the same stuff everytime.

Today, my hips hurt because of the Butterfly/kicking.  But not a bad hurt, the good kind...these hips don't lie, path to getting healthy yeah!

What was an even bigger victory was that I had told myself I wasn't going to swim becuase I was going to get a spray tan instead.  Well, it was hot and I was sweaty, which would ruin my spray tan anyway.  I even shaved my legs before I went swimming.  Victory!

However, I did have McDonalds for lunch.  With pop.  1400 calories for lunch?  SICK!  I am not on a "diet" and restricting my access to any foods, but I am watching my calories, trying to stay within a reasonable limit.  I hated spending most of my day's intake on lunch!   I ended up being 23 calories over my computerized limit.  And weirdly, the bite of rice krispie treat that I had was 23 calories! Totes worth it tho. 

Today I was tired. I knew I wasn't going to swim, but there were some work out videos at the housesitting house.  I wasn't really motivated to do it, but I told myself that if I worked out, that meant I could shower.  But not just any shower:

Insert Angelic sounding "Aahhhhhhhh!!!
Why yes, you can position the shower heads so they stream into, essentially, one big shower head.  I did 25 sweaty minutes of pilates (10 minute solution -- abs, pilates burn, half of of the stretching one).  I would have stayed in the shower longer if my legs didn't feel so shakey!  Dang pilates, you schooled me today! 

And I'm not going to work out tomorrow because I'm going to dinner and to see this:
Found it here
So freaking excited!!! I saw the preview during the Super Bowl (yeah I was watching a movie instead!) and knew I had to read the books!  Sooo freaking good. 


  1. Truth. I never thought about question the standard, but you're right!

    I honestly have no clue why 1650 yards is considered a mile. Swimmers are weird (and slightly lazy?!?).