Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Try it, you'll like it" Thursday

Well, I haven't tried anything new...until today!  In my last Green Bean Delivery, I got some grapefruit.  Oh yes, not exotic in the least, but not anything I have had in 20 years either (I find my 7 year old palate was very reliable).

I cut the grapefruit before I left for work (if evidence is needed as to why I had to cut this before work, skip down to gigantic apple).  Obviously I have never cut a grapefruit before because I cut it the wrong way.  Like an orange I suppose.  I then made it into quarters and packed it away.  This was the sunrise I was greeted to at work:

Jolie, non?
And after a latte and my warm lemon water, I tried grapefruit, with some sugar.  First reaction?  Not as bad as I thought!  Second reaction

Yes it was horrendous.  I made myself eat the 1/4 of the grapefruit.  Want to know how to drink more water?  Eat something you dislike then try to get the taste out of your mouth!!!  This is where I'm going to have to agree with my 7 year old self.

"Try it, I: DISLIKED IT.  Verdict is in.

In other news, I have been taking my refillable water cup to work.  However, the straw was so dainty that it easily broke, I was careless and stepped on the straw when it was on the ground.  Here's to me keeping it classy!

Thank you, Wendy's, for the replacement straw!
I also took a very large honeycrisp apple to work.  I would tear my mouth open trying to bite into it, so I decided to cut it. But first, here is the apple compared to some other things

Small Gala Apple vs Large Honeycrisp

Large Honeycrisp vs My (cracked) Blackberry

Large Honecrisp vs my hand (which is already large)
So I tried to cut it into quarters.  I got a plastic knife and started sawing away.  The core wouldn't cut!  More and more sawing over the trash can so it could catch the juices, the knife suddenly broke.  Left with the shank/handle of the plastic knife, I used that to wedge through the core of the apple.  Very labor intensive.  That is why I recommend you cut things at home!

Also, I am obsessed with Zucchini.  Like woah.  Tastes good w/everything!  I made mac and cheese and zucchini yesterday.  I swear there was crack in there.  Like the hands of an iron chef labored over its creation.  THAT. DAMN. GOOD.

Blessed by Emerill.

And then today I brought tuna helper (1am cooking anyone?), and of course loaded that up with zucchini!  I will have the same thing tomorrow too!  Sooo delicious! 

Blessed by lesser known TV chef.
Anyone want to join in the conversation?  What are you obsessed with?  Has it, too, been blessed by a TV chef?  I hope it's not Paula Deen :) I kid, I kid.

Anyone have some good tips for not overdoing it on St. Patrick's Day?

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