Sunday, March 25, 2012

Slightly Soggy Swim Shorts

I love alliteration.  Don't you?

Well, I've been house/dogsitting.

Bad poodles.
Now, I've dog-sat before, but I can tell you, this dog on the left is BAD.  She's a puppy, almost 1 year old, I guess.  But really.  Has "potty pads" in the house, has probably used them twice in the 5 days I've been here.  Other than that she poops NEXT TO the potty pad, or on the rug by the front door.  And when I am here all day, like yesterday, and let her outside...she just goes out, chases geese, eats their poop and MIGHT come back if I tell her she will get a treat. Psssshhhh, I've been saying "treat"for the past 5 days, and I never give that B one!

On Friday, I went to see The Hunger Games (so good!).  I let them out twice after work, then went to dinner and the movie.  I got home at 1am.  Guess who peed on a pillow and the couch at approx 12:59.59?!?  That was the LAST thing I wanted to deal with!  Then yesterday, after a shower, I left my clothes in a pile in the bathroom sink.  Somehow, she pulled my clothes onto the floor.  And chewed a pair of good underwear!  What a B****!!!!!!!  I was soooo pissed!  One of my top pairs of cute underwear.  The dog on the right isn't that bad, she's old and likes things her way. aka bites my shoe when I try to scoot her out of the way when she is eating the other dog's food (after she finished hers of course!)

Whew, I should have asked to be paid more!  Yesterday, I was just hanging out all day.  Here's how my day went:

-Wake up
-Let dogs out
-Eat breakfast
-Fall back asleep
-Watch TV
-Make food
-Fall back asleep
-Realize it's too late to go to the Y
-Watch rom coms
-Commiserate the fact that I'm single
-Dog chews underwear
-More rom coms

Yeah.  Soooo lazy.  But it was nice to sleep so much!  Today, i was still commiserating that I am single (cue "All by Myself"), and was nearly ready to join an online dating site, when I decided to go to the Y.  Thank God.

Here's what I swam:

200 SKPS (Swim, kick, pull, swim=800 yards)
10 x  50 backstroke (1:30 x 2, 1:25 x 2, 1:20 x 2, 1:15 x 2, 1:00 x 2 = 500 yards)
2 x 100 IM, hard (200 yards)
1 x 150 cool down (150 yards)

And that there is a mile!  Then I treaded water for 10 minutes (2 mins tread, 1 min just arms, 1 min just legs, 1 min tread, 1 min just arms, 1 min just legs, 1 min tread, 1 min just arms, 1 min just legs)

I had it in the back of my head that it would be a nice idea to go on their trails around the Y.  Perfect!  On schedule, feeling good, etc.  Changing in the locker room out of my 2 swim suits and swim shorts...bottom of the bag...uh...where are my shorts?!?  I HAVE NO PANTS WITH ME!!!!!!

Oh yes, it happened.  I wore my swim shorts to the Y.  Uh, think fast Em!  Ok, well fine.   Luckily, they have one of those machines that spins the water out of your suit.  Usually quite modest, I had to walk right over to it in my shirt and underwear.  Oh well.  Then my shorts weren't sopping wet, just slightly soggy.  But I had to go home, right?  NOPE!

I thought back to the time when I was a nanny and the kids and myself were having a great time at this nature preserve, on the trails and such.  The toddler had this poop/diarrhea that was riddled with corn, overflowed her diaper, and soiled her pants.  Was I going to let that cut our fun short? NOPE!  I changed her back at the car, ditched the dirty pants, and tied a sweatshirt around her lower half that looked like an oversized diaper, then put her back in the stroller.

But back to the swim shorts story...
This is why I'm hot. (love that song!)

I put the shorts back on, went  out to my car to get my shoes, and I was on my way!  I'm going to estimate that it was about a 2 mile walk.  I took it easy, 35 mins.  And I'm pretty sure I have been reading too many running blogs.  All of a sudden, I had this inspiration to run.  WHAT? ME?!?  Ok...
I ran 3 short distances, totaling about 2 or 3 mins!  haha but it was still running!  It felt pretty good too.  Minus me wearing the normal bra, vs sports bra, nothing hurt.

Up this week, TeenSwimSis is in town bc its her spring break.  I told her that I will have to race her for bragging rights...I'll let you all know how it goes!

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