Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just another day in paradise...

And by paradise I mean sun shining so beautifully and a full moon to guide my way home...but not getting home till 10.  Ick!

However, I did get free dinner out of it!  I'm house sitting in a couple of weeks on the total opposite side of town (takes at least 45 mins to get from my house to there).  The person I'm house/dog sitting for took me out to dinner.  At a Mexican restaurant.  I HAD A MARGARITA.  Yes, I probably have not had alcohol since the night before Thanksgiving.  1 margarita.  ALMOST DRUNK.  Like tipsy, where there the lines of your vision get a bit foggy.  Luckily I had good conversation and a chicken burrito to keep me grounded. 

I had wanted to "binge", so to speak, since last week, but I could not find anything I wanted to binge on.  Yes, that is terrible and whatever, but that's the frame of mind I'm in now.  But a margarita and a meal did it for me.  I was soooo full.  And now I'm soooo thirsty.  Silly alcohol.

Something I'm coming to realize is that if I'm going to be healthy and lose weight, it has to be my own.  I've been reading A LOT of weight loss/running blogs lately (don't tell my boss!) and every person has their own method that works for them.  Some seek out the healthiest ingredients on the planet, others stick with local fare, but cut certain things out of their diet.  I can't tell you what is going to work for me, but here are a couple things I know:

-I'm doing this one day at a time
-Any way that I lose weight, whether it be any type/combination of diet and exercise IS NOT A CURE, it is a tool.
-I'm going to make mistakes and that is okay as long as I correct the pattern of behavior (see said "binge"above)
-I'm not going to see results immediately or lose an insane amount each week
-I can do this. 

One of the tools I have selected, as I have mentioned, is Green Bean Delivery to make sure I get my produce! 

Here is what I got today:
-1 lb of strawberries
-3 lemons
-2 grapefruit
-2 red onions
-1 lb green beans
-1 pound spring mix
-1 romaine heart lettuce
-1 pint sweet peppers
-1.5 lbs zucchini
-1 lb fingerling potatoes
-4 gala apples
-1 large bunch broccoli

It can be pricey, (this was $42), but it is a good tool for me.  And it gets delivered to my house.  All of this is local and/or organic.  Let me tell you, the strawberries look like they are just off the vine, can't wait!

For this Tuesday, I'm going to tell you about a vegetable I had for my newish "Try it, You'll like it" Tuesday: 


Yes, this was in a previous delivery from Green Bean.  At first I was like WTF do I do with rainbow chard.  After nixing make chips (ala kale chips) because I know I would burn them, I put them in an omelet.  IT WAS FANTASTIC.  Not all spinachy and wilty that makes me want to gag, but it soften enough to be so delicious with a hint of a bite still.  I used it to make breakfast sandwiches and the only downside is that it smells a little funky when you reheat it, but it's still delicious!

Up for next week's "Try it, You'll like it" Tuesday:  Grapefruit.  I wasn't a fan when I was a kid, but who knows...I might like it now!

And finally:  Movement for yesterday, 3/5:  20 flights down stairs, 2 flights up.
Today's movement: 18 flights downstairs, 15 min walk at lunch. 

That's no athlete, but it's a start...goodnight all!

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