Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Again, I am exhausted!  Work then lots of running around (like errands, not literal running.  That would be a good day!).  My lovely father is here working on my car because I could not get a car in a timely manner!  He's great.  This is what he looks like:

My dad and my aunt at SwimSis' Wedding
Yeah he's a bald old bastard (I've heard that phrase come out of his mouth several times!), but he's a good guy and has enough bad jokes and political opinions for a table full of people.  He and my  mom were married for 38 years!  Now my aunt (my mom's half sister) is 46.  Yes 4-6!  She hits the gym almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day.  And while we had SwimTot's bday party in Feb, she ate salmon and quinoa!  We have a feeling she's wanting to start body building.  Go "G"!

Something new I tried (duh it has squash!).  Verdict:
Pretty darn good!
 I added extra squash!  I almost ALWAYS choose stuff like this over pastas with wholes in the middle, like penne.  Why is penne so popular?  I don't like it!  I don't think it hold sauce very well and it can be a little "yucky" for me to eat, esp whole wheat penne -- sick!

Swim Tot the night before her first "organized sport" -- Soccer at the Y!

Too Early, Too Cold
SwimTot and SwimSis: Bundled up, it's 40 degrees!
Guess who the coach was...Coach!  SwimTot's dad.  First time coaching soccer.
After this, she ended up crying because she was cold.  Only kid who did!
COFFEE!  Coffee, 1% milk, 2 tsp 1883 vanilla syrup! (aka I didn't add any extra sugar!)
Tried something else new.  Honestly, though the yellow was cheddar cheese.  Might not have bought it otherwise!
The yellow was yellow carrots!  I added green beans! 200 Cals, tasted pretty good too!
New phone, hand-me-down from SwimSis.
I may or  may not have had my current phone since 2008.  I also have never paid my own cell phone bill.  I may have a sugar daddy.  Or some other equally sweet deal, haha. 

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