Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh Friday, BYOC!

BYOC-Bring Your Own Crazy!!

Welp, this looked fun!  Got it from Laura who got it from Draz We answer 5 questions to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break! Copy to your own blog and enjoy!

1. Do you have any siblings? What is your relationship with them? Good, bad, ugly?

Sure do!  I'm the oldest.  SwimSis is 2 years younger than I am, my brother is a year and half younger than her, and TeenSwimSis is 10 years behind him.  (That's ages 27, 25, 23, and 13 as of right now)

Well, SwimSis and I are hit or miss.  Mostly depending on her attitude and if I want to push her buttons or not :)  I live with her, so I really don't have a choice!  My brother and I have a fine relationship.  We live in the same city, but don't talk very much.  Although he is at the house several times a week to watch SwimTot, I never see him because I am at work!  And 13 is a weird age to be an older sibling.  I was her age when my mom had her!  She has her own issues being that my mom has passed, my dad is slightly clueless, and she's gained a lot of weight.  When I get a more reliable car, I hope that I will be able to make the 2 hr drive more often and do active stuff w/her!

2. Let’s talk pizza. Do you prefer homemade or restaurant? What toppings are your fave?

B, please.  I love pretty much any restaurant pizza.  Homemade can be good too.  I LOOOOOOVE mushrooms on my pizza.  There has only been, to my recollection, two times anyone has every gotten a mushroom pizza w/me!  I usually end up eating what everyone else has (unless it is a taco pizza or bbq based...sick!)

3. When is the last time you cried – in sadness and in joy?

Oh, totes cried twice today.  Anything that's super emotion filled, I cry.  A lady at work was telling me about her son's wedding and how he was crying before his bride even walked down the aisle!  Is that happy tears?  Then on the way home from work there was this country song (loove country music!) that talked about a brother not coming home from war.  My brother is in the Army Reserves and his unit is deploying soon.  Totes cried at that.   Might be tearing up a little now...  Other than that, I cried about cars twice this week.  It is a weak area for me and I just hate having to do stuff like this on my own!   I will also cry if I'm watching "A Baby Story" on TLC or any show about soldiers.

4. Do you own a gun – one that is specifically yours? Do you know how to use it?

No, I do not own a gun.  But if the chance and reason came up, I probably would.  When I went to and worked at a camp, I was a pretty good shot w/rifle and shotgun.

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week!

Geez, car shopping, car shopping, car shopping!  I have gone to look for one EVERY DAY this week.  Hoping to get one tomorrow?  Nothing else note worthy has happened this week.

Well, just in case there has been anything note worthy, here are some pics:

Fresh mango and pineapple...yum!
Cookie in a cup!  First attempt at oatmeal.  Oats, cocoa powder, chunky pb, dash of milk, tsp of sugar.  It was okay.  Didn't finish it all.
I didn't pack much that day and was worried I would run out of food.  Then I looked in the bag I carried everyday.  Duh, no starving silly!
This "refresher course" over healthcare privacy laws is 94 pages?  I would hate to see the actual training!
A second attempt at oatmeal.  Over ripe banana, oats and stick of honey.  Perfect!  Just the right amount of sweetness.  If I had a whole jar of honey I would have definitely over done it on the sweet factor.  This size is perfect, but sometimes hard to open.
The best workout I've gotten all week.
Seriously, hole punching papers is an ab workout! The more you hole punch and file, the more you feel it in your abs!

Well, there were more but Blogger is being silly, so maybe tomorrow!  G'night!

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  1. I had two siblings come into the world when I was 15 (and 16). It's really the greatest thing, I only wish they lived closer to me so I could spend time with them!

    And you made me crave mango.. which is good, except I don't have any!