Sunday, April 1, 2012

Life is Exhausting!

I wanted to post on Thursday, but when I turned on my computer, the screen looked like this:

Turns out it is an easy fix.  (AND POTENTIAL EASY APRIL FOOLS JOKE!)  Just hit Ctrl + Alt + one of the arrow keys.  Apparently I had hit Ctrl + Alt + Up.

Thursday was great though!  I went to work (blech), went to the eye dr. (first time in 5 years!...and now I have astigmatism).  On Wednesday SwimSwis and TeenSwimSis and myself had packed our workout stuff in order to go to the Y after shopping, but we were shopping FOREVER!!!  Thursday morning, I made sure to put my already packed bag in the trunk of my car.  No excuses not to go work out!

I walked a mile + 5 min cool down (28:48 mins).  0.5 incline.  Would have been faster, but I could not figure out how to work the machine, so I just did a quick start and figured it out from there. 

Then of course I had to swim!  Ended up with a lane to myself = <3!!!  I was worried I would be bored because I did not look up a set beforehand and would probably have to make it up.  Miraculously, there was a set stuck to the wall of my lane!  It was 3100 yards and faster than I would like, so I modified it to my liking:

Warm up: 1 x 200 freestyle (all freestyle.  Freestyle tends to be painful, but if I can push through this 200, I find myself being able to do a lot more!)
5 x 50 kick (2 freestyle, 1 breastroke/butterfly, 2 freestyle)
4 x 50 ( 12 yds all out, 38 easy recovery.  Mine was more of 60% for 12 yards)

Main Set:

x 4
1 x 100 (25 drill, 25 swim, 25 d, 25 s)
1 x 100 (focus on technique)
1 x 100 (FAST)

I alternated freestyle and backstroke for 1200 yards on that main set.

Cool down: 1 x 150 Eeeaasy

Did you catch that that was 2000 yards?  Slightly under 1.25 miles.  I couldn't let the treadmill outdo my swimming!

After the eye appointment and 2 hrs at the Y, I got home at 9pm.  So tired!  This is what I whipped up for dinner:

Gourmet, non?
Here are some other things that I captured with my 6 year old camera this week:

Don't mind my dirty clothes there at the bottom.
 I got another Green Bean Delivery.  Specifically fruit because TeenSwimSis was in town for her spring break and alone at the house all day.  Had to make sure she ate well!  We got pineapple, mangoes, kiwi, limes, oranges, pears, apples, bananas, avocados, and I ordered extra Medjool Dates!  I love Medjool Dates :)

Uh oh spaghettios!
 I left the coffee pot on at work all night.  That DID NOT smell good.

Not a lotta latté
I got a latté as usual, because Tuesday is "Two punch Tuesday" for rewards cards.  One more Tuesday and I will have earned a free latté!  However, wtf, what happened to my 16 oz latté?  It felt a little light!  Did they make it a 12oz?  Hmph.  Just figured the universe was telling me not to drink so many lattés!  In reality, I only drink 1/2 latté on the day I get it then finish it the next day!

I felt so exhausted again this week that I spent yesterday (Saturday) sleeeeeping!  I went to be bout 11:30 or midnight on Friday night, woke up shortly before 10.  Took a nap around 2-4, and then went to be around 11:30 or midnight again!  I was really tired!  Thank God for the weekends!

Well, SwimSis should be back from the store soon and we are going to the Y.  Look for my next set sometime soon!

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