Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vegging out.

Today was an unplanned rest day.  No real reason except for laziness.  SwimSis and Coach decided to take a day off and I quickly followed suit because they were going out to eat.  I know, I know.  I am sooo swayed by food! 

So I vegged out today.  I was home at 8pm and had nothing to do!  Which happened to be a bit of a good thing.  I have lunch ready for tomorrow, as opposed to today where I did not have any breakfast or lunch.  I stopped at Starbucks and got a protein plate (seriously getting a bento box and making this myself!) and then we had a bit of shredded chicken left over, I tossed in some black beans, corn, and salsa and ripped a few romaine leaves off the hearts and scooted out the door!

I have seriously been missing my veggies tho!  My last Green Bean Delivery was only fruit (seems to get eaten faster that way!) and although I'm still working my way through it, it has cut down on my veggies :(  I knew I had a yellow squash in the fridge, so I did a little salt, pepper, and splash of terriyaki sauce made it in the microwave.  Excited!  Then SwimSis must have bought the biggest bag of baby carrots I have ever seen, I grabbed a lot of those too!  I had leftovers from eating out tonight, so that will be my main thing tomorrow.  Glad the "Vegging Out" is chilling at home, but also including more veggies!  Here's to hoping I actually plan my meals next week!

P-FREAKING-S....EASTER IS THE WEEKEND!!!  Guess what that means?!?  CHOCOLATE!!!!!   I gave it up for Lent.  Chocolate  was seriously out to get me.  I'm fairly certain I've day dreamed about chocolate every day.  Well, did sacrificing something (chocolate) get me closer to God?  Probably not.  But it did get me closer to speaking like a sailor if you know what I mean! :) 

Yesterday at the Y, I walked 1.31 miles in 27 mins (inc warm up and cool down).  And I biked 4 miles in 23 mins.  I was also going to swim 500 yards, but I grabbed the wrong bag on the way out the door!  All my swim stuff was at home!  Walking and biking (and abt 10 mins of weights) felt good enough, so I went home and showered.  Which was weird because the last time I had a shower at home was Friday morning!  I didn't realize I shower at the Y a lot

Week thus far in pics:
Too happy for 8am
 I don't have a key to my office (I'm a temp) so the security guard lets me in.  But on Tuesday, HE GAVE ME THE KEYS.  Oooh what trouble I could get in!  haha riiiight.

Hot Mess.
 I was looking for my debit card (not in there).  But I did dump my whole purse out.  I could CLEARLY win any game where ladies have to find scavenger hunt items by looking in their purses.

 This date box hold 3 lip gloss/balm/chapstick.  Love it!

Don't love.
 The boss actually went through some of the things on her desk.  And then they ended up on mine! Gross!

So brown :/
 This was on Tuesday, the 4th day of pizza.  Wait, what?  I had leftover pizza for MORE THAN 24 hours?  Victory for the healthy side of life!  I am ALMOST done w/these pears (Bosch pears).  They have a slight alcohol taste to them, but other than that they are pretty good!  And I totes at that kiwi with a plastic spoon and knife!

Good, but expensive!
 Starbucks kept me full till 1:30 this afternoon!  But $7.42?  Not cool.

I wanted more!
 My shredded chicken, black beans, corn, and salsa salad creation.  Pretty good for a last min meal.  Remind me to tell this blog about one of the first times I had black beans.  That's a good one.

 Oh SwimTot.  I just call her "My Favorite".  I tell my siblings that even if they have other kids, they won't be my favorite :)  She is so sweet!

 And silly!  At dinner she kept calling us "April Fool".

Aunt Em and SwimTot, windblown.
 SwimSis thought her windblown hair and outfit from playing outside needed a quick change before dinner.  See below!
Seriously adorable.  It's hard to believe that 2 years ago I was living in another state and when I would come home she would ask "who's that?".  Makes me cherish the time my wonderful niece puts her arm around me and says "Best Friends!".

Wow, I didn't know this would get so sappy!!!  Till next time amigos!

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