Thursday, April 12, 2012

One of those days where nothing seems to go right...

I have no motivation at work.  I'm a temp.  I didn't apply for this job.  They just filled the position. My last day is probably 2 weeks from tomorrow.  I'm excited.  And I also want to read blogs all day.  Seriously.  Reply to an email, read a blog, look up some information, read a blog, etc.

Around 12:30, I had to go in the bathroom and give myself a pep talk.  Okay, 2 more weeks but there are deadlines for this week...Get your $#!& together Em!  So I go back and go to log on a website to put in purchase orders.  However, it tells me my "validity date" has passed.  Great, now I have to tell someone else to do this work I have put off!  Embarrassing!  That was typical of today!

I need a new car.  My car ALMOST DOESN'T STOP going downhill.  Want to go look/buy a car on Saturday, but am babysitting most of the day.  I seriously cannot drive this car next week or I will hurt myself or others.  Although I'm pretty sure my dad does not believe me because I whine about my car at least twice a month (as in "it's making this sound...what's wrong with it?!?).  He told someone last weekend that I cry about my car every time I call him.  How rude!  I haven't cried over nothing in AT LEAST a year.  Although I did cry when my tire blew out, but that was legitimate!  :)

Then I come home and am going to C25K.  Boy, there sure are a lot of people outside today.  Oh, I'm getting on the computer for a bit, oh I'll wait till SwimSis and SwimTot are home.  Oh SwimSis wants to eat dinner early, that's all right with me.  Oh, I can't run now I'm too full.  Oh, it is to dark to run.

Blah, blah, blah. 

But there has also been family stuff going on.  I try to stay out of it, but you want to help the ones you love!  I try writing about it, but it can become confusing :)

Well, yesterday I focused on swimming. <3  I like swimming, but it's not the same at the Y because the pool is too warm for a good swim.  I'm pretty sure it was 84 degrees for the water temp.  I like 82 to be the highest!  Usually, the colder, the better!  I remember swimming at Notre Dame one time and it was so cold that it felt like your feet were getting slashed as you kicked!  Ideally, 78-80 is good.  I can't wait for the local high school to start their evening lap swim again.   I do like 1) that there are at least 10 lanes so it's never super crowded.  2) the water temp is lovely! 3) $.80 per swim!  However, the evening lap swim is 8-9pm only on monday and wednesday nights!  Gotta make it count while I can I guess!  We pre-paid and have 10 swims left!

But back to swimming yesterday, I think I did around 2000 yards.  After the warm up, I things get a little fuzzy.  I did not have a plan on what to do, so it was a mash up of different work outs I have done recently.  I also joined a swimming group on spark people where I can get different swim workout ideas!  I was almost done swimming yesterday when a very handsome man walked in to swim.  So I may or may not have stuck around a little longer! :) 

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  1. I hope your week improves. I love swimming too. It's such a great full-body workout without too much strain on your joints!