Thursday, April 19, 2012

What the deuce?!?

I'm not to keen on swearing (it doesn't sound right when I say it!), so I say phrases like this a lot more than I realize.  My friends often tease me about it, but that is okay :)

Here are some things this week that have made me say "What the deuce!"

-No one can give you a call back on time.  Optometrists, car dealerships, or the Y.

-Why is it taking me so long to find one of these?

Okay, maybe not a car that old, but it is taking me forever to find a good car!  Then again, I'm rather picky (and poor, which doesn't help!).

-Why does my current car squeal like a pig?  It hurts my ears!  Then again, my current car is almost as old as the one above (just kidding):

Okay, that but white and some rust!  I bought it off of a guy on Craigstlist who was living out of a motel in my hometown.  haha, I was desperate and hated it at first, but over these...22 months I have really come to love it and wish it wasn't nearly falling apart.  

-(back to 'what the deuce') Why would I end my sentence in a preposition?  My aunt pointed out that I shouldn't have because I went to a good university.  Yes, I know I went there, Sallie Mae reminds me every month!

-Why did a lady in my office go back for so many cups of coffee today?   Okay, I might have made decaf, but she honestly she almost always buys coffee before she comes in!  Yeah, I didn't tell her.

-Why does the guy I occasionally park next to have a ladder in his SUV?  Like, it is in the same position all the time.  Just rides shotgun, I guess.

Hopefully I will have this car situation under control soon so I can resume my normal life (and blog more regularly).  I was working on a blog post earlier in the week, but my internet crashed and lost it :( (okay, I was writing it in an email at work to copy and paste...oops!).  

Guess I will start C25K Week 1, Day 1 yet again...what the deuce!


  1. What the deuce! I like it :D

    Your question about how many times I have been asked if I'm my siblings mother had me laughing out loud!! Still, even 12 years later, people think they are mine. It's hilarious!

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